July 11th, 2007

Sri Yantra

Down and Out

Last night's dinner saw my dad blowing up at my mom. Because of a disagreement with me. It was... very uncomfortable.

I seem to have been provoking more than my usual share of social blowups lately. That would be the third one this week. And only one was the result of snark! The others were a matter of being the wrong kind of honest at the wrong time.

Ah well. Dinner finished on a reasonably calm note (He's always calmed down immediately after an outburst, then acted like nothing's happened. As a child, I just got in the habit of sitting quietly. It worked OK in most cases.), we talked for a while afterward, I helped with the washing up, then headed home.

I didn't get myself motivated to work on a bookcase. I did fall asleep in my chair. Further, I managed (somehow) to pop open the speaker housing on my headpiece when I took it off.

After fruitlessly fiddling with it for about 15 minutes, I decided I would be less likely to break it in the morning.

So when I got up today, I started back to playing with it. The two halves of the clamshell are remarkably complicated, and for no discernable reason. I eventually discovered that they'd fit together only one way, and that one side would snap in solidly if put together that way.

Too bad the other side wouldn't. I have no idea how it used to stay together - I assume at this point it involved a broken-off piece. But no matter. Cyanoacrylates make everything better.

It looks OK, and even seems to work OK. More amazingly, it hasn't bonded to my ear.

Since I had the glue out, I also fixed (hopefully) the lid to my comb binder. That's been broken so long, I forget how it got broken in the first place. I think a drunken housemate tripped over it, but I'm not sure anymore.

Then back up to my parents' place to pick up my mom and reunite her with her car. Then off in search of food, which brought me here. I realize it's a little silly to be eating just before Dinner&, but I was getting kinda dizzy.

From here it's a matter of some shopping, then spending the evening with the most excellent people at the Hamptons.
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