July 10th, 2007

Triskell Knot

Up and Around

I left the house Monday evening with just enough time to stop at Panera and wolf down a sandwich.

The only gotcha being that I stopped for gas at Costco on the way - myself and, it seemed, about a quarter of Silicon Valley. Still, I made it to the bar by 7:45pm. Besides, at that point the only people in the bar were myself, dwo, hollyk, and Holly's date for the evening. So from the actual participant point of view, it was myself and David. Holly and her beau were too enthralled to deal with anything outside of their bubble.

And I am being unfair to the other bar inhabitants at the time. Both Paula and Lily were there, as well as a couple of people Paula had hired to help clean the place. Paula was in full panic mode - her health department inspection was scheduled for today, and she hadn't really made much progress in the (if I remember correctly) year following the previous one.

So there was much scrubbing, scraping, worrying, wailing, and gnashing of teeth going on in the background for the length of the evening.

And it turned out to be a very nice evening. Last night more than made up for the financial shortfall on Sunday, so the bar (and I) did quite well.

At one point Lily came up to the booth to ask where all the people had come from...

The most unusual visitor of the night was misdev, who stayed for a couple of hours. Shelly, who is fast becoming a regular (and bringing friends - we likes the Shelly), was a little concerned there might be some friction, but the level turned out to be minor.

Her friend Mina came in for one song, and to get herself an envelope. Otherwise, one of her new inductees last night was Suzanne G, who was nearly shocked at the selection of musicals.

We also had a short, and as always pleasant visit from valeriesparks and mr_seed. I hope this becomes a habit.

I can't remember if I ran for 8 or 9 rounds, but I finished at something like 1:45am.

A couple of people mentioned that I was having too much fun with my suicide selection. I still think it's just my job to keep people on their toes. I did almost manage to get David to choke a couple of times. The only person I had a serious problem selecting for was Lizz, and I kind of expected that. So I just decided to enjoy myself.

A fair fraction of the bar income was probably the result of the "Svetlana" group. This is the second time they've shown up. They mostly keep to themselves, sing a couple of songs, and drink a lot.

I managed to get myself packed up and out of there by about 2:20am. The wailing and gnashing of teeth was continuing, though at that point the cleaning crew had gone home, and been replaced by Shawn and Nick. I'm curious if they were planning to install the new bar last night. We shall see.

Heck, we'll see if the bar's still open after today.

I went and did some Denny's decompression, then found my way home, unloaded, and slept.

Today I woke up to an invitation to lunch from timenchanter, so I showered and got dressed instead of going back to sleep, and actually got to spend some time with my best friend. That was nice.

Then a minor tool purchase at OSH, a return to the Duplex to use said tool to complete screwing in the bracket for the bookcase, then off to the carwash to de-grime the Escort, and into the wilds of Campbell to pick up my mom, who had just left her car in the shop. I'll be doing the reverse process for her tomorrow.

I've done a few chores around the dome. In return they've loaned me a shelf boring jig, and are about to feed me dinner. Life is reasonably good right now.
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