July 6th, 2007



Yesterday was relatively uneventful. I woke up at something like 2:00pm, and sorta rushed myself through getting up, to make sure I managed what I needed to do before places closed.

That sounds silly until you realize it frequently takes my somnolescent ass upwards of 2 hours to get up.

And I did. So I now have enough toner to last me for quite a while (not necessarily good - according to Murphy, my printer must be about to give out), and I've deposited a refund check from my old homeowner's insurance.

As I was heading out to find some food, I got a call from a friend, and was able to do them a favor. I wouldn't even mention it here, but for the fact that she gave me an incredibly nice card and bought me a drink last night. Thank you, dear, that was really sweet! :-D

I ended up taking myself and Solomon Kane to the Great Mall, where I enjoyed some Fresh Choice and Thud&Blunder. It's amazing the amount of Robert E. Howard that I've never read.

Then off to the bar. Last night was an awesome Sunday show. That's about all I really need say. Paula pulled a whole despondence thing over the take for the night, though I'm pretty sure she hadn't added in the card transactions yet. Let's just say that both dwo and blankreloaded normally spend more together than she claimed was the total income for the evening.

And I know for a fact that Mr. Dill was quite toasty, because I drove him home.

Before that, he ran the tip jar around, so I did quite well by tips - with a special thank you to whoever put in the $40!

Paula actually had the fans and the swamp cooler going for the evening, so it wasn't too bad in there, though setup was... unpleasant.

Highlights of the evening included the usual Casey torture, the reappearance of Nikki, and a relatively large batch of new faces, some of whom will hopefully come back. On the other hand, it was the last night for Tim H. and Seth T., and they're both leaving the area.

Also, none of the three women who promised to show up Tuesday did so. At least Melanie texted me to say she was sick. A sinus headache. Now I have women telling me they have a headache to avoid coming to my show...

In the end, I ran for 7 rounds, ending at 1:55am.

I was shut down and out of there by around 2:20am, grabbed some Jack-in-the-Box with Casey, drove him home, then did the whole home-and-unload thing. Followed by the fall-into-bed-and-sleep thing.

And now I'm up, though only temporarily. I have very little I need to do for today - there's a couple of phone calls I haven't gotten around to in forever (I need to tell water and garbage for the HoD to go stuff themselves), and moving in is still a priority, but there's nothing immediately required on the horizon.
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So I've made my two fairly simple phone calls that I've been not getting around to for weeks.


That's the extent of productivity so far today, unless you want to count "more sleep."

I'm just not feelin' it today, I guess. Hell, I don't even know what I should be "feelin'."

So I've been on the 'net for several hours, searching desperately for something distracting.

It's not so bad when it's occasional, but it's maddening that this is such a large part of my life.

Hopefully I can get myself motivated enough to take a shower before the night is over...
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