June 29th, 2007


Karaoke and Greeks

Last night's show was reasonably awesome. We had about 38 singers in the second round, but still had enough time to fit in 5 rounds before closing at 2:00am.

I obviously can't list everyone who showed up - it was fairly packed for a couple of hours there.

In fact I had trouble getting a second drink, because the bartenders were too damn busy.

We had the surprise of a visit by the lovely valeriesparks, as well as another (all night) visitation by spondee. I got her to stay for her last song by dangling "Closer" in front of her.

Wish I had a film of that. A YouTube post of it would guarantee an increase in customers.

Otherwise, a lot of regulars like trivialt, and a few new faces.

I finished closing down by 2:30am, had some Denny's, then went home to sleep for a bit.

Then back up at 10:00am, to prepare for the day. We all (cekyr0, jeffercine, moahb, k_magic, and I) met up around 12:30pm, and headed up to Berkeley.

We made it around 3 hours later, due to a fairly horrendous accident in Oakland. Still, we were there in enough time to park, have some yummy crêpes at Crêpes-A-Go-Go, and some liquids at Peet's.

Then into line at the Greek theater, almost at the front, then a run to pick out a prime location at the front of the lawn.

We've been joined by tigercutig and hogarthhughes, and the True Colors concert has started. We just finished listening to the Cliks, who rocked - and just watched Margaret Cho french the lead.

It's setting up to be a good show.
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The Dresden Dolls are simply amazing. Even if you ignore the on-stage antics and the amazing energy level, where else do you get a set that includes "Coin-Operated Boy," a Jacques Brel song, and "War Pigs?"
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