June 28th, 2007



Not a lot to say. The mattress is set up, which is nice. I spent the first night in a bed under actual clean sheets in longer than I want to think about - when was that trip to New Zealand?

So far, the mattress looks to have been a reasonable choice. It provides support without cutting off circulation, which is really all I can reasonably hope for. I don't know how long it'll last - and sliding the equipment over the top of it is going to be... interesting - but it's cheap enough that I could seriously consider buying a new one every year, and still be ahead of a Sealy.

I suppose I can blame my almost complete lack of activity today on luxuriating in the bed.

I did glance at the traffic ticket I've been meaning to do something about, and noticed that it had a court date and location scribbled on it. This morning, as a matter of fact. I called them up in a bit of a panic, and they extended the date until July 27th. The present plan is to go deal with things on Monday.

I really do need to get up...
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Well, That's Done

For better or worse, I now have a permanent account. I'd be more able to afford it, say, next Tuesday, but things aren't always as we want them, eh?

If rates stay the same, that means I'll break even in 6 years or so. Which means that, for me, the warranty on 6A runs out then. Scary thought, that. It also means that, if they do survive, this account might become a very odd epitaph when I finally snuff it.

I just imagine my last post will be something like "Damn cop sirens everywhere - what are they up to? More later - there's someone knocking on the door."

In the process, I also got around to updating my profile page, which was just a teensy bit out of date. I no longer rent rooms - I only rent one, and the direction of money flow is completely reversed.

I now have functional levels of glucose, and am feeling a lot more energetic. Which is good, because I need to get to the bar shortly.
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