June 20th, 2007


Pirates Plus

What have I done in the last day or so...

I finished off wiring the new TV, connected it to my desktop, and demonstrated that I could run movies on it full-screen (Though I can't seem to get the Radeon 7500 to actually do "theater mode," I can still just play movies full-screen on that monitor). I've also run the cable to allow it to be used as a monitor for the karaoke system.

I've mostly finished attaching the hanging bar for the shelves over the work table. It's been slightly heavy going, as the wood in this building is a little on the old side.

I've seen Pirates 3 with kizmet100. It was friggin' awesome. I'm so glad I watched it on the big screen. I laughed almost continuously through the whole thing.

I've done a little shopping, got a nice visit from tigercutig, and gone to Dinner & Wedding Planning. A fairly heavily attended evening, with many of the usual suspects (including the always squee-worthy princesskiti22, the huggable trivialt, and the amazing hogarthhughes).

And now I'm home, and trying to build up the energy to finish attaching the damn shelves.
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