June 9th, 2007


Pride Goeth

After my last post, I disposed of the washer, then decided to celebrate by going to Oakridge Mall. I ended up at Target, where I finally found a decent wall TV mount at a decent price. That should be going up next week, as well as a set of wall-hung shelves that will give me a little more floor space with which to work on the rest of the boxes in my room.

About then I got a call from timenchanter, who wanted to do dinner. So I went back home, then we wandered the area until we found a place that looked interesting - the Birrieria Jalisco Restaurant on north 13th.

An interesting combination of random and extremely good. The chips were store bought, but the salsa was a very complex ceviche-like concoction. The rice and beans were standard, but the corn tortillas were home-made heaven. We're definitely going back again.

Afterwards, Timmie took off to pick up the boyfriend, and I wended my way to the bar to pick up more equipment for the Pride show. What with the human transport on Thursday, I hadn't had room for the stage monitor.

I hung out and talked for an hour or two. I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd been to Nemesis.

I then headed back home, and started on the prep work for Pride. Rather than bring the whole set of equipment, I put my old 3-disc JVC player and an RF modulator in a suitcase, burned a disc with the songs for the finalists, and packed all of that into the car, along with the monitor, which now has a nifty plastic sunhood option (which worked quite well).

That actually was a little more involved than it sounds. For one thing, I spent a lot of time volume-balancing the songs to be put on disc, because I didn't know how much volume control I'd have on stage.

Then I decided I needed a couple more pieces, and so headed back to the bar. It was maybe 1:30am at this point. As a friend of supersniffles, this made me the focus of some of the afterlash of some fairly nasty drama that I can't really talk about.

Oh well.

I got home, did a final test of all the pieces, and did the aforementioned car packing.

Then sleep.

I got myself up at about 9:00am, did the cleaning thing, and made it to Pride at about 10:15am. It took me all of 20 minutes to set up and verify that everything was working. That left me enough time to run out and get some cigs for one of the lead engineers (Bruce). He's always been a bit iffy about the whole karaoke thing, and it felt like (a) getting him his fix was a good goodwill gesture, and (b) not having to deal with him and nicotine withdrawal was an excellent idea.

Seems to have worked. He actually adjusted the mics for each singer, which he's not done before.

Don't get me wrong - he's a good guy, and has always been cordial and cooperative. However, people that adjust bands for a living don't always take working with karaoke too seriously. I can't count the number of times someone at a music store has been shocked to find I was buying top-of-the-line for a karaoke setup.

Now, what went wrong today was chargerboy. Well, not him per se, but the fact that since Kyra bowed out (Boo!), Steve C. had asked him to show up and sing instead. This is the first time something like this has happened. And, of course, the first time I haven't had the full collection available. So after taking the time to get there, and a fair amount of anticipation, poor Gabe didn't get to sing.

Otherwise, the contest went pretty well. Apparently there are a number of people upset that B.J. won, since he's one of Steve C's friends. Which just proves that I'm right in generally avoiding contests. This was one of the cleanest ones I've seen. From my personal point of view, the people that turned in the best performances this time were him and Janie. I'm of course a huge cekyr0 enthusiast, but he had a few rough spots today - it happens.

After it was over, I was able to quickly pack up my stuff and get it off the stage. For once I don't have to go back tomorrow morning! Woo!

Then I went and hung out with people (including soquili_gitli and the ever-lovely electrichobbit) until it was time to take Timmie to the airport. In the process I found myself a couple of new rings. I'm running out of fingers.

Then I did the airport thing, apparently successfully (last I heard, he was drunk in Vegas), dropped most of the equipment off at home, slathered myself with aloe vera, then back to Pride, and more of that "hanging out".

I ended up spending a lot of time with bluize, alphaba, and Lindsay. This was unexpected, and quite pleasant. Kris actually talked to me!

I also ran into Frizzy Lizzy and her girlfriend. I think I see them every Pride. I also had a fairly scary encounter with a woman whose name I've pretty much excised from my mind. Her (ex?)husband might be Mellie's dad, but that's about all the identification I can remember. She was on a downward spiral before, and quite obviously has continued in that direction. She did not look good, and wasn't doing too well on the coherency scale either.

I left Pride at something like 6:00pm, then headed up here for some food and WiFi. I'll be shortly going home, taking a much-needed shower, then opting for the Hunters experience. I'll be seeing more of the Hamptons, uh, complication, there, as well as, hopefully, princesskiti22. And also, from the call I just got, blankreloaded. Should be a fun night.
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