May 30th, 2007



After my last post, timenchanter and I grabbed some dinner at Fresh Choice, then made our way to the HoD.

I'm going to count us as moved out. I still have stuff to sell (Which I should damn well get around to starting, shouldn't I?), and a couple of minor things to grab, but it's at the point where being locked out wouldn't particularly bother me.

Now I just need to find out what's happening. I still haven't heard from anyone regarding the trustee sale, if it occurred, and no new records have shown up at the county. I suspect I may be "occupying" that place for some time.

It wouldn't worry me so much, except I want this to be over - and "this" includes the likely bankruptcy I'm facing. I don't feel I can start on that until the house is disposed of. Besides, I keep wondering if they managed to pull something that allowed them to bypass paying off my ex-wife - which would put a debt on my head that I can't pay, and can't get out of.

Not that there's anything new there. As a matter of fact, things are better than they were a year ago. There's actually something resembling a light at the end of the tunnel, and for once it doesn't look like a train. But sometimes the stress gets to me.

When we got back, I spent up until near 6:00am alternately surfing and dozing in my chair. I've got the neck pains to prove it. I went out and treated myself to a McDonald's breakfast, then swung by the HoD for the last little bits that were too flyaway to fit in the truck.

I got home, waved hi to Timmie and Stephen as they headed out the door, and got myself into bed. Where I had the most fascinating "out of control" dream. Fascinating to the point that I believe I was rather amused by it while having it: I was trying to do a show, but none of the equipment was doing what I expected it to. A song had finished, I was supposed to start the next one, but the next one from the first disc started playing instead - and I couldn't turn it off. I couldn't even turn the sound down. A random person started singing to that while I frantically looked for some reference to the song that was supposed to play, it what appeared to be some sort of electronics equipment catalog.

I believe I finally found the song, after a long search. Would have played it, too, if Timmie hadn't come up to tell me it was 2:10...

I'm a little surprised that I wasn't naked, too. Not that I tend to get those - apparently the "naked in public" thing isn't one of my major fears.

I woke up at something like noon, and have been back in my chair ever since. I've done a couple of things. I believe I've finally convinced my dentist's office that I'm not coming in tomorrow, and that in fact I'm not using them again. It's only taken two phone calls and an email.

Anyone know a good dentist? Specifically, a cheap one, with a good hygienist, that takes Delta?

And, um, near Silicon Valley. That's kinda necessary. My parents have one they like in Capitola, but I'm not sure I want to brave the 17 just to get my teeth cleaned.

I've also ordered a couple of monitor visors for Pride - ones that aren't as likely to blow off. The previous two times I've just had pieces of cardboard box. Not only did it not look good, but one year it actually blew off the monitor. This year I have the LCD for the rack as well, so I need two.

I've also been shopping for equipment cases - I want something protective for all the pieces involved, so I'm not wandering around with an armful of unprotected gear when I go someplace. Like, say, Pride. On the other hand, I really don't want to pay $100/case. And most people want to charge more like $200...

Honestly, right now, I just need to get drunk. Or laid. Or both. Past experience indicates I probably won't do either. It probably would help if I followed Timmie's advice and bought a damn mattress. Sheets might be a good idea, too.
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