May 27th, 2007


One More Time

I got to the con last night at around 10:00pm. It was Saturday night, and the parties were in full swing, but somehow I actually ran into fewer people I knew.

Saw the tail-end of the masquerade, and talked to supersniffles a little there.

Ran into Terry-Terry at a party, and talked to her for a bit - mostly swapping house loss stories.

I walked into the dance, said hi to thebatt, and was pounced by ladyelsena. I ended up spending most of the evening with her and her friends Chrystal and, ummm - Mark? It's hard to keep track of someone who mostly just sits there.

So I "danced" for a while with Aurellia, gave some minor massages, watched tlslive's purse - that sort of thing.

A little after midnight, both of Aurellia's friends were passing out, so we said goodbye. I then headed over to the Eye of Argon reading - where I found the three of them.

That took until something like 3:30am.

I did a quick check around for activities, and found nothing, apart from running into Aurellia&co again as they headed out.

Then I made my way home, and slept until something like noon.

Today I took my time getting together, including a nice lunch with timenchanter at a little place around the corner (La Arenita. Not too bad, if a little bland).

I got on the road about 4:00pm, and would have made it to the con in good time if a very nice CHP officer hadn't objected to my methods.

Yep. Another speeding ticket.

I haven't done much since then. I've run through the art show a couple of times, said hi to several people (including Kelsey), and looked over stuff I now definitely can't afford in the dealer's room.

Definitely feeling at loose ends. But hey, in another 15 minutes or so I'll be heading to the bar for the Sunday show. It'll be interesting to see how that turns out.
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