May 25th, 2007

Elder Sign


Hmmm. Accomplishments. I finally got all of my clothes out of the HoD yesterday - they didn't fit in the plastic tub I found and cleaned out, but I made them anyway.

Well, I did leave a few things. Like the overcoat I last wore in college, whose lining is pretty much kaput. Had some interesting papers dated around 1981 in the interior pocket...

Also that horrendous white leather jacket. But I digress.

I've also scanned through the kitchen, and grabbed the stuff I wanted to keep. Being a flake, I just dropped some paper towels on the puddle in front of the non-functioning refrigerator.

I've also photographed all the furniture I want to sell, though I haven't listed it yet.

What with one thing and another, I didn't get back to the Duplex until 6:30pm or so, which meant that the sleepy/allergy-ridden timenchanter didn't get to the bar until 7:30pm. Such is life - it was sooo busy right then. I got set up fairly rapidly, and even fit in a Jack-in-the-Box run for him, myself, and Eddie.

Still, we had a line-up ready at 8:30pm, and what with one thing or another I didn't start until 8:40pm or so. And then things heated up.

It was a very busy night last night. Lots'n'lots of people, mostly, I assume, there for the contest. princesskiti22 was there all night (Squee!), and even sang me "Jezebel." Kyra was there for a good part of the evening, as one of the contestants. A wonderful person to both hear and see. And I got to exercise my "other people's disc" skills for the other two Savoy people, as well as an unusual amount of key changing.

It's probably a good thing I was just drinking water last night.

And k_turns_blue was there! I was able to talk to her a little bit between working and firefighting.

In the end, I managed about 3 and a half rounds before hitting 2:00am. And that was only because by 1:40am, the rotation had reduced to about 7 people. I then closed down kinda slowly (I was tired, man!), got the equipment into the car, which included repacking the sleeping Timmie, then got it all home by 3:00am or so.

I also now have a ticket to spawrhawk's show. I just need to decide which other event to blow off for it. It's been stressed that going to the Moorpark mixer would be a good idea, I suspect because I might get to talk to someone from Hunter's (Hunters? I dunno). On the other hand, I won't know most of the people there, and I have other things going on Saturday, including a CD release party...

I was wired and hungry, so after unloading Timmie and the stuff, I headed on over to Denny's, and relaxed with the rectangular girlfriend.

Then some sleep.

Today I've been coasting, more-or-less. I've been doing the laundry that was aborted at the HoD yesterday, and have filled out a rebate form. I have a number of tasks to do before making it up to Baycon, which I'm sure means that I'll get there during that idiotic evening stretch where they shut down registration just as most everyone arrives.

I'm not going to worry about the HoD for the weekend. Yes, I still have stuff there (all my vinyl, for one thing). On the other hand, transfer documentation is still not forthcoming. So fuck it.
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