May 24th, 2007


Up and Sideways

I did manage to get a load of crap out of the HoD yesterday afternoon - and some of it (as in my clothes) wasn't even crap. I managed to pack a large fraction of my closet into my parents' old steamer trunk, which is one item I'm never likely to leave anywhere. Of course, I also brought the old printer I used to work on, the associated cranky development systems, and the scanner I don't use anymore (Anyone want a perfectly good Agfa scanner? One of the lid hinges is broken, but it's a good piece of equipment otherwise).

I feel less guilty about the miter saw, but then, as has been pointed out, I'm at least part lesbian.

And I of course got nothing cleaned off and photographed. That would be too easy. On the other hand, there still has been no transfer of ownership documentation forthcoming - and there's still nothing in the county database. I may be in technical ownership of the location for a while.

I got that pile home and unloaded, then rushed off to Trader Joe's for snack supplies for Dinner &. This week's was unnamed, though had it been known, it probably would have been Dinner & hollyk, since k_magic actually managed to pry the hermitess out of her lair for several hours.

That was really cool. I rarely ever get to actually talk to the Holly-monster, and she has a lot of interesting things to say.

This meant I was able to spend an evening with Holly, princesskiti22, and wissavix. Definite squee-ness. And Keri's going to be at the bar tonight!

I left the party around 12:30am, largely because, well, I was the last one left. I honestly don't know if I should have driven home at that point, which probably means I shouldn't have. When electrichobbit makes a mojito, he doesn't fool around. But it's in the past now, and no harm done - I just need to be more careful in the future.

And after some sleep, and some odd nightmares (which I of course don't remember), I'm in my room, hiding from the world as usual. At least there's some indication that a lot of my fog will lift once I'm finally out of the HoD, and don't feel quite as pressed by deadlines.

Finding someone I'm interested in that's vaguely interested back would probably help, too. Why the hell do we all go around dismissing the opportunities we have, while bemoaning the lack of interest from the people doing the same to us? It's possible I broke someone's heart recently.
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Elder Sign


So the PG&E finally got around to turning off the power. I can't complain - I asked them to do it on April 20th.

I just wish I'd realized before throwing a load into the washing machine - including liquid soap. Yech.
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