May 22nd, 2007



Last night's show kind of... petered out. The last people left around 12:30am, and we just decided to close down. Surprisingly, the bar did OK for a Monday, but I think that may have had to do with a couple of tabs being closed.

But hey, I still had fun. We had a quick visit by the lovely hektikat, so I definitely got some of my "beautiful women" fix for the evening. While we had people, we had a party.

And I managed to get home and get completely unloaded by 2:00am, which is almost unheard of.

Today I'm back to hiding from the world. The business cards have been sent to a printer, so that particular delay method is done with. I've answered some voicemails, and have some people coming over to look at the toolchest - and another that hasn't called back about the lawnmower.

But I've been finding every little way imaginable - including this post - to delay getting up, in the truck, and down to the HoD. Don't wanna.

Sigh. But I'm about to anyway...
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How the hell does one person end up with this many Centronics cables?

I should be able to answer that - I'm obviously the one who bought them...
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