May 20th, 2007

Dragon K

Some Days

I didn't really sleep Friday night. There was a certain amount of passing out in my chair, but not even a huge amount of that. I'm pretty sure I was mostly just avoiding the waking world.

I did fix a minor problem with the system. The USB bridge had come loose from my main DVD player (it sorta holds onto the normal cable connector, and there's frequently some jarring involved in moving the setup), so I pulled the PC case, plugged it back in, and rigged up some velcro to keep it in place.

And I watched a bunch of stuff on Graham Chapman, as well as a lot of his skits.

I finally crawled into bed - well, sleeping bag - some time around 8:00am. The guy who was supposed to call about the lawnmower never did.

I finished designing a business card during the afternoon and early evening - and didn't make it to my parents' until something like 6:00pm. Being the forgiving sorts they are, they still fed me dinner (filet mignon, no less), as I brought them up to date on the real estate oddness of the last week.

I also made myself at least a little useful, and put a couple of bags of salt in their softener.

I left there around 10:30pm or so. It took a great deal of effort, but I managed to get myself to stop off at the HoD. The new development there is that the lockbox and real estate sign are gone. Most likely this means my agent got in contact with AMC, and was told that the foreclosure had gone through. I left a message on his phone.

I then did a teeny bit of sorting and packing. Actually, most of it I just dumped in the car. After an hour and a half or so, and very little progress, I felt like I was going to scream, so I put what I had in the car and headed home.

After unloading the car, I was still feeling pretty panicky, so I did the natural thing, and went up the road to the Easy Mart and got myself a Special Dark. I still feel like crap, but it's astounding how much chocolate can do. Especially dark chocolate.

This will pass, but right now I'm feeling very old, decrepit, and unloveable. It's amazing how little we age on the inside, while the façade falls apart.
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As The Screw Turns

I heard from my agent today - yes, the place did go through foreclosure. He warned me that the other guy still may not be legitimate, though.

I feel I rather misjudged him. He seemed more contrite about the consequences for me than upset about his loss of commission.

I'm still working on the business card, partly because VistaPrint had some pretty hefty back-end fees, and because the help file at Prints Made Easy, which has a much more transparent pricing structure, pointed out that I'd really be better off providing a CMYK file with a single color black.

So I've been trying to get InkScape to produce a PS file I can hack. Except I seem to have run into a serious resolution/size problem. Ah well.

In more important news, I've continued to manage to not sell anything. At least someone came to look at the toolchest, but he didn't think it would work for him.

I've got someone else supposedly showing up tomorrow, and in the meantime I'm dumping stuff in the truck - with the usual odd flashes down memory lane. I'd forgotten that I collected keychains as a kid...

I can handle just about one truckload, so I'm gonna do that, then head home and prepare for the evening.

Gotta remember to tell the one guy that tomorrow just ain't happening.
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