May 18th, 2007



Last night ended up being a really good time. After the fourth glass of blegh (I believe that's now the official spelling), perhaps too much of a good time.

The contest went quite well, even with a technical hitch on my side (It's unfortunate - and especially unfortunate for chargerboy in this case - when I find out an odd detail of operation in the middle of a contest). Steve C. makes an awesome MC, and kept things both entertaining and moving quite rapidly - we were through all 12 contestants and back to the regular show in less than an hour.

The show itself went, I believe, almost 3 rounds. I was hoping to finish off the 3rd round - and even had it timed out - when people that would normally have gone home started putting in songs. I'm sorry for those that didn't make it, but it's kind of nice having the place stay fairly full until the end.

The bar did extremely well. Paula even said something about it. She didn't pay me any more, but she said something about it.

On the other hand, I made out handsomely in tips, especially after electrichobbit kindly took the tip jar around.

I was driving synkitty home afterwards, and had planned on stopping at Denny's for some food and, umm, assurance that my blood alcohol was legal. However, the parking lot was blocked off by a group of squad cars, so I just turned around and took her home - then decompressed at the Mini Gourmet.

Then home and sleep. Well, after unloading the rack from the car. Hopefully timenchanter will be moving the dresser that's blocking the corridor into his room soon, before I cause it more damage moving the rack in and out...

On the foreclosure question, the guy wanting me to move out sent me a very nice email saying that he understood my concerns, and would get documentation from AMC as soon as he could. Also that he'd stress to them that I was actually being quite cooperative. Given he likely normally has to deal with people that need to be levered out with a crowbar, I probably am.

But I seem to have lost the sense of urgency I had for a couple of days there.

I've also taken the rare step of emailing my ex-wife, to try to find out if she's been paid anything yet, or at least contacted about it. I haven't heard back. But then I have little idea of her schedule or situation.

I've made contact with my supplier about the eBay thing, which is growing into a giant morass - one of the customers has started a formal complaint through PayPal. It's mostly a result of bad communication on my part - I seem to have been distracted by other things lately. But I also seem to have a couple of very hotheaded customers. In any case, I'm supposed to get an update this afternoon sometime, which would be good - I've promised to refund everyone's money by the end of the day if I can't get any progress.

And I have several people that claim to be interested in the stuff I have for sale on Craigslist. If only they'd actually come by and buy it - but then, I'm not there to sell it, either, am I?

However. I need to get myself up, awakish, and back into the moving fray. The present plan is to sell all the furniture left at the HoD, so I need to clear it all off, probably move it downstairs, clean it up a little bit, and photograph it.

There's also the question of the printer cartridges, and disposing of the washer and dryer. I've given up on moving the dryer here - the logistics, or at least risk, of gas disconnection and hookup are a little too daunting.
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Triskell Knot


There's good and bad about the day so far.
  • Packing accomplished: None.

  • Printer cartridges: Exchanged for some paper and store credit after 4 hours of driving around.

    So at least I now have enough paper to print new books - something that's seriously needed.

  • Craigslist items: Unsold. Some guy may drive down from Berkeley tomorrow and take the lawnmower off my hands for a pittance.

  • eBay: Supplier still isn't talking. I've issued $200 or so of refunds, and may need to do $50 more. I'm going to stop dealing with that particular supplier entirely, and am actually rethinking my model in general.

  • House status: No new info. Needless to say, I'm not gonna kill myself trying to make it by Monday, especially since selling off the old stuff is obviously going to take longer than I thought.

    I've also decided I'm not going to sign that contract, even if it turns out to be legitimate (which it probably is). That one paragraph is just too worrisome. I should probably tell the one agent that, but I don't feel too urgent about anything right now.
My last stop today (so far) was Office Depot, which is unfortunately across the street from the Cheesecake Factory.

I'm trying to motivate myself to go at least pick up something at the HoD. Don't wanna.
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