May 15th, 2007



I can't say too much for yesterday. I slept away most of the daylight, and then made it to the club and did a pretty awesome job.

Too bad there weren't more people to appreciate it...

I delayed until almost 9:00pm, waiting for 4 singers. At that point, it was myself, dwo, sjgrrrl, and Yvonne. Towards the end of the first round, kizmet100 walked in.

And apart from one round, that was the most people I had all night. At one point, k_magic, moahb, hogarthhughes and Rick showed up. Three of them sang in one round (Guess which three), and then they left.

I had the further disadvantage that the new setup allows me to run through songs much more rapidly. Not what was really needed last night, but it was nice anyway. It was especially nice having the extra time to look for songs - a lot of it would have previously been taken up with pulling and refiling discs.

Yvonne ran out of songs and left somewhere around 11:00pm. Heather gave up the ghost at something like 11:30pm. supersniffles showed up just before midnight, as usual - then Maggie left.

So from midnight on, there were three of us. I would have stopped early, but Cindi and David were drinking, and so I kept going until about 1:40am - and the end of the 18th round.

I must have been doing something right, since someone left me a $20 bill as a tip (Thank you!). And while the bar obviously didn't do well, it didn't do as badly as one might think. So no worries there.

And that's about it, apart from one detail. Towards the beginning of the show, I got a strange phone call from some real estate type. It's not clear from the message if he intends to buy the place, or just did. He wanted to know how long it would take me to clear my stuff out.

Since my agent has been completely silent about any progress on the house, I haven't really had an idea of what's been going on for a while. I'm going to drop by there before I go home, check the mail, and see if anything odd has changed. My intent is to spend most of tomorrow there, anyway. I've been neglecting the move for too long.
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Wait and Hurry Up

I just talked with the agent that called me last night. Apparently the bank is offering a "cash for keys" contract. What that means in terms of the lien situation, I don't know. Well, apart from the fact that any sale I make to the bank isn't valid unless the lien's cleared up.

What I do know is that I've agreed to be out of the place by Monday morning, that he's got someone to handle any junk I don't want that I leave behind (Well, that solves my hazardous waste issues, doesn't it?), that his name and number match up with the official RE/MAX site, and that I'm way too tired to deal with this shit.

Good night.
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I got some more info on the move-out thing. Apparently they did go through a foreclosure sale, and AMC bought it back. Now they want possession - and, of course, the rest of their money, later. I was hoping to avoid bankruptcy.

From a much more scary point of view, I'm being bribed to move out by next Monday by the princely sum of $500. Well, OK, that's not the scary part. The scary part is paragraph 7:

7. Effective upon the execution hereof, and notwithstanding any failure of the Occupant to satisfy any of the foregoing conditions, Occupant hereby agrees that, without any further act, AMC, it agents, successors and assigns are fully and forever released and discharged from any and all claims for damages and losses, whether these damages or losses are known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, patent or latent, including, without limitation, tort claims, demands, actions and causes of action of any nature, whatsoever arising under or relating to the Property, the Note or the Deed of Trust (collectively the "Loan"), or any of the transactions related thereto, prior to the date hereof, and Occupant waives application of California Civil Code Section 1542 which states the following:

A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor.

Furthermore, Occupant acknowledges that they intend these consequences even as to claims for damages that may exist as of the date of this release but which they do not know exist, and which, if known, would materially affect their decision to execute this Agreement, regardless of whether their lack of knowledge is the result of ignorance, oversight, negligence, or any other cause.

That's a whole buncha release for $500.
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