May 14th, 2007


Bootie, Drama, and Babes

So Bootie had positive and negative sides. On the positive side, the show itself was pretty awesome. Besides, timenchanter and I had trivialt with us. There's some discussion as to whether the "WiiJ" was actually doing much of anything with his Wiis, but the mix wasn't bad, anyway.

It was also cute running into Lizz, who'd come separately.

On the negative side, someone slipped something to moahb - and possibly jeffercine, as well. Noah was completely out of it. We all left around 1ish. k_magic took Noah home, where tigercutig stayed with him to make sure he was OK.

cekyr0, Timmie, Stanley, and I took Jefferson to the Bagdad Café for some food, where he sobered up considerably.

Then back south to sleep. In fact, most of what I did this Sunday was sleep. Very nice, it was.

Still - with Timmie's urging and help - I managed a few tasks. The footboard is finally affixed to the bottom of my bed. Now I just need to decide on a mattress. Well, and sheets - I'm not sure I have any queen sheets.

We also have a new towel bar in the bathroom.

With all that, and fiddling on the net, I didn't get to the bar until about 7:50pm. Which, of course, meant that people were already there. I believe I got everything hooked up and ready to go by about 8:20pm, by which time I had about 5 singers lines up.

In the end, the first round was about 19 people, the second 26, and then it dropped off from there - I finished the 6th and last round at the stroke of 2:00am.

An interesting evening. ajayav and husband were there for the last time before heading out to Colorado, so there was some sadness there. Noah showed up, looking fine, which was a relief.

trivialt and sjgrrrl sat in a booth and gamer geeked.

We had some new people - a lesbian couple (Anita and... oh dear. Something that starts with an "M") that sang very, very well, and Bam Bam.

Bam Bam. A cute, friendly, pony-tailed blonde that talked in a cutesy voice - and skipped around - until it was her turn to sing. Then she just rocked. The girl can sing. I really didn't know how to deal with her, because she didn't seem quite possible. At one point she was looking up what appeared to be notes about her songs in a Hello Kitty notebook...

Dane sang two songs for Chip, since she was leaving. He even projected a little.

Lizz and Chris were the bartenders all night. I believe Chris has been previously referred to as "Cute Goth Boy" - though not by me. He seemed to do OK.

And that was the night that was. Now I'm at Denny's, and will be leaving soon for home, at least if I can wake up the waiter to take my money...
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