May 12th, 2007


A Quick Note

More later, but I simply wanted to say that the next time I run across one of those articles debunking the whole "mixing alcohol" thing, I'm hunting down the author, tying him or her to a chair, and feeding them a mix of wine, tequila, and rum.

Let's see how they like it.

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Too Much Fun

After my last post I, umm, let me remember... oh yeah: napped. I woke up again around 5:30pm, and started cleaning up for the day. Fairly fortuitous timing, actually, since the ever-lovely princesskiti22 came knocking on the door only a couple of minutes after I had my clothes back on.

I showed her a few videos in my room, while both I and timenchanter got ready.

So I suppose I can now say that I've had a pretty girl on my bed, and that she broke the bed - since the footboard still isn't properly attached...

Yes, yes, I am a sad case. I know.

We packed into Fawkes around 7:00pm, and wended our way to Palo Alto, and my cousin's place.

Two glasses of wine, some cheese, and a gift of tequila later (This is apparently my Tequila birthday. I'm now wondering what will be appropriate alcohols for 49 and 50), we headed out to Nola's for dinner, and quite a bit more alcohol. At least for me.

Good food, good company, and a very good time. I'm very glad of that, because things turned a little sour after we got home and Keri headed back over the mountain. Phrases involving the term "porcelain god" come to mind.

I had that mostly settled down by 8:00am. Or, at least, successfully expelled.

So some solid sleep between then and noon, when I got a call from Timmie suggesting an IKEA run.

I cleaned up a bit, and went off with Timmie to houseware heaven. We actually were fairly subdued this time around. But I now have a table for my printer, which is muy cool. We also ran into k_magic, moahb, and tigercutig. Who'd a thunk? Gay men at IKEA!

Then home. Timmie's napping, and I should be too - but instead I've done little things like this post, hanging the new shower curtains, and taking out the recycling and trash. Ah well. I should get a power nap in now, since we have dinner with my parents in a little over an hour...

Then Bootie!
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