May 11th, 2007



After my last post, I largely, well, went back to sleep. 9:00am is NO time to be awake.

But I finally got myself together in the afternoon, and started surgery on the rack. Everything now sorta kinda fits. I did, in the end, have to run out to Guitar Center and get a few more adapters. Little metal and plastic adapters. Nothing much - just $50 worth.

Sigh. Anyone who's spent any time at all in the A/V field will tell you that the expensive part of setting up the equipment is the cabling. Unless, of course, you're buying top-of-the-line equipment. At that point, the costs are about equal.

Amazingly, I got it all hooked up and ready to go before 8:00pm this time. In fact, I got to the bar at about 7:15pm and started setting up. I seriously do need to get a dolly. At this rate, I'm either going to be buff or in need of a truss.

I had another odd TV signal experience - the RF modulator wasn't getting a signal, again, and didn't until I rebooted the PC. I can't say I have a huge level of confidence in my video card. At least so far, though, it works fine once everything gets going. It just sometimes takes a few swift kicks.

Apart from that, though, the new compressor worked great. I spent some time fiddling with it a bit - mostly setting it to cut in a little earlier - but from the start it was incredibly effective, and quite transparent. The only real technical problem I had all night was with the reverb unit. I tried a setting that should have been better than what I've been working with. Unfortunately, halfway through one of dwo's songs it suddenly cut in with a vengeance, almost drowned him out, and produced a huge amount of feedback. Not cool, man. I'm still not quite sure what happened. Maybe I should invest in a used Digitech...

Otherwise, the sound was excellent. In fact, Mike G. commented on the better quality.

The show was pretty damn cool. While we didn't start out very busy (I obviously have to get there late in order to have an early crowd), it developed quite nicely. I almost completed four rounds. The first one was about 15 people long, and then things took off.

We had a group of women that apparently used to go to the Daybreak show up (Asha, Vern, and Shelley). Fun people - hopefully they'll be back. Mike G. also showed up with a couple of friends that sing. Jamie, apart from being quite attractive (and kinda disturbingly large in the superstructure department) is one of those irritating people that sing like an angel, then complain about how terrible she was.

While I didn't plan anything all that birthday-ish, other people had different ideas. John, of all people, brought me a bottle of pink champagne. Shawn baked me a cake - which I'm enjoying right now - as well as singing me his version of "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" at midnight. synkitty took me out to Denny's. And I got an awesome card signed by a bunch of people.

After Denny's, I drove Synthia home, then went home myself, unloaded, and crashed.

And that's about it. I'm trying to work up the energy to finally fix my footboard, I've washed a few dishes, and I'm eating cake. Life isn't too shabby.
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