May 2nd, 2007



I never really slept last night. Or today, for that matter. For most of it, I've been trying to finish the freakin' bed.

And after I don't know how many hours, it's close. Very close. If I can prevent myself from converting it to kindling, I might even finish it.

My problem at this point is that I thought I could screw on the headboard and footboard, then scoot the thing into position. For most furniture, that would be true. However, when the two pedestals are over 200 pounds each, 8 little screws have no way to compete.

Essentially, I had the headboard and foot board attached quite firmly. By the time I was done scooting the bed into position, the headboard was held on only by friction, and the footboard was held on by gravity.

So I took a shower, then went out with timenchanter to do various usefullish things. Like getting food. And buying things at OSH like, say, screw hole repair mesh for the footboard.

Then we went to the HoD and did some more garage storage winnowing.

Oh yeah. I didn't talk about the last set. Not too long after my last post, I made my way over to the HoD, and sorted through boxes until I'd filled the garbage and recycling cans. Tonight Timmie and I repeated the process. It is astounding how much shit I've kept over the years.

It was funny last night - I had several years' worth of random notebooks from my teens. I kept the ones I'd drawn in. An absolutely amazing number of (poor) sketches of naked women. My favorite was a large piece of tracing paper that well represented my general interests. Quite a number of drawings of women, traced then "made nude," one satanic symbol, and a diagram of Stonehenge's function as a calendar.

But hey, I've now got all my diplomas, as well as trophies from all the scholarships I didn't quite get. I kept the SAT scores, and tossed the offer of a TAship at UCSB - I didn't take it back in '84, and I suspect it's effectively been withdrawn.

I've also (regretfully) tossed all my old 9-track tape reels. I sincerely doubt that I'll ever find a VMS system to read them with...
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