May 1st, 2007


Fighting For Change

Sunday's show continued pretty well. It of course slowed down considerably after midnight, but still, that only meant it went a total of 5 rounds, finishing sometime around 1:45am. The bar did quite well.

I actually had everything packed up by 2:15am or so, and headed off to unwind at Denny's. Then sleep. I was pretty tired.

I woke up around 10:30am, and fairly shortly got a text from timenchanter inquiring about lunch plans. In the end, he came home, and we walked out to Chez Sovan, a fairly well-known hole-in-the-wall Cambodian place.

After that, I decided to work on the bed. I maneuvered the other half of the base into my room. It's a two person job, but patience pays off. I seriously need to find a chiropractor. My left arm has been hurting rather badly (enough to make me cry) if I use it in certain positions, giving me the impression the joint's slightly out of place. Moving the base pointed out that even in a comfortable position, the arm is lacking in strength, which kind of confirms the hypothesis.

Anyway, I then went off to the furniture store and got the other pieces, which weren't quite what I expected. It's hard to describe - the bed just goes together slightly differently than I understood. I took what I got home, then started trying to put it all together.

The process has pointed out one of the major problems with traditional American product habits. If I'd bought a Scandinavian knockdown, everything would be predrilled, all connectors would be provided, and everything would go together in an order than made sure one could reach the necessary connector at the necessary time. Not what one would think of as a terribly difficult thing to arrange.

With my new bed, well... The two base pieces came with all the drawers attached. Removing a drawer means unscrewing it, which of course weakens the screw hole. The base pieces are attached to each other - and the bed finished - by screwing them to a headboard and a footboard. The two are actually identical, and each just consists of a piece of oak plywood edged in oak, and predrilled for attachment to the bases.

In order to not have any visible screw holes, one is supposed to screw out from the inside of each base into the headboard/footboard. A sensible idea, apart from two minor details.

First, I have to unscrew the drawers just to be able to reach inside to perform that operation.

Second, and more importantly, while the headboard and footboard are predrilled, the bases are not. I apparently am supposed to feel over the inside of the plywood until I sense the aura of the hole on the other side, and drill outward...

Given that, the lack of included screws is relatively unimportant.

So. I did some general cleanup (there were strips nailed to the pieces for, I believe, the purpose of keeping them off the factory floor), then made my way to OSH for screws, a large square, and a jig to ensure vertical drillholes. That should be enough to mark off and drill the bases with the degree of accuracy I need.

It was then time to head to the show, so I zoomed back up to the Duplex, grabbed my laptop, and got myself to the bar.

The Monday night show was pretty good for Monday. We even had trivialt for a couple of hours.

A very silly night. Certainly the first time I've been sprayed with soda water at KoC. After Eddie pulled that one, I had to give him "Can't Fight The Moonlight"...

I was reminded of why I don't drink vodka stingers, at least not while I'm working. Just sipping on one had me flying fairly high for most of the night. Granted, it was in a tall glass, but still.

I finally decided to try the digital karaoke route, which went rather well, apart from the screen image being larger than the TV screens by a bit. This meant some letters were clipped here and there. I haven't seen that before, and will have it cleaned up by Thursday.

Since it went so well, Thursday is going to be the debut of the new rack. I stuck around after the show (Almost 9 rounds, ending at 2:00am), and scavenged the pieces I'm reusing from the old setup. Poor Lily didn't get out of the place until 3:00am.

Some decompression at Carrows, and then to the Duplex when the laptop battery gave out.

It's time I slept.
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Momentum... Decreasing...

I've tried to be productive today, really I have. And there's been a few steps in that direction.

I decided I wasn't going to trim my beard myself anytime soon, and I was starting to look like a doppelganger of Ted Kaczynski, so I got it done.

One fourth of the drill holes in the bed have been done. I'm doing this post rather than going and lifting one end of one of the pedestals to measure and mark it, 'cause I don't wanna.

I've partially set up the and domains. I figured it was high time the karaoke actually had a domain. Of course, I've run into some problems I didn't realize with domain name forwarding, but I'm researching to see if my ISP will support redirecting particular domain name roots to subdirectories. If so, I'm good. All I have to do is understand the Apache URL rewrite syntax. Ugh.

And that's about it. I was hoping to make it to Splash for valeriesparks's birthday, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. I mean, I do have to leave here shortly (my car will be illegally parked in an hour and 15 minutes), but I also have to swing by the HoD and fill the garbage and recycling bins for this week.

Oh, and the rent's been paid. That was more work than one would think.
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