April 27th, 2007



Yesterday afternoon, after I finally got myself out of the shower, well, was. What it was is another question. I didn't feel like talking to the landlord, so I wrote up a quick note about the refrigerator - and the washer and dryer - and slid it into his door.

Then I took off in search of food. This was supposed to take me to Popeye's. Instead, I found myself at Chevy's. Could be worse, I suppose, though the bad thing about Chevy's is its proximity to Barnes&Noble.

I now own a book on Python programming for Win32. Hopefully, it'll do me better than the online documentation, which is, at best, cryptic for the inexperienced Windows programmer. But then, only the masochistic program Windows...

It was then time to pick up wissavix and mom, so I did so, and even deposited them at the airport in a relatively efficient manner. Then I zoomed to the bar, and set up, well, kinda slowly. Because of talking to people, and just general laxness, I didn't really start the show until 8:45pm or so. Surprisingly, no-one complained, though I had about 6 people signed up at that point.

It was a busy night. cekyr0 and jeffercine were there when I got there, and stayed until just sometime around 1:00pm. trivialt got there a little later, but also stayed a little later.

blankreloaded bugged a whole bunch of people about going, and then never showed up. Eh.

neo83 showed up, still on crutches, and also brought a couple of cute female friends, who expressed interest in returning.

And, of course, quite a few others. The only other person who stood out to a huge extent was Toni, who represents one of the disadvantages of doing the job. There are several like her out there, and they all share certain characteristics:
  • They're always middle-aged

  • They're always female

  • They always show facial damage from lots of alcohol

  • They're absolutely convinced that the reason they haven't been up to sing 5 times in the first half hour is because you're favoring your friends

  • Nothing you can do short of devoting the whole show to them and their friends will make them happy
I see her type so rarely at KoC that I'd almost managed to forget it. But it all came flooding back last night. At one point, she was up at the booth every song, checking how many more songs were left, and complaining that I hadn't erased the people who'd just sung.

The only reason I got her and her male companion (Doug) to relinquish the mic after their first song was that the next singer was a friend of theirs. And, of course, they hung out waiting for their second song until it was 3 songs away - then left for the night. I was heartbroken.

Other than her, it was an incredibly fun night. I managed to run for 5 rounds, closing at about 1:50am. The first round was 12 songs long, the second and third took up the time until around 12:20am or so, and then enough people left to fit in the fourth and fifth.

timenchanter napped while I closed down, then went with me to Denny's. Then home, where I would have gone to sleep, if not for the smell. Remember the refrigerator? I still hadn't emptied it. So I dragged the reeking contents out to the garbage, and scrubbed up most of the spillage. Then I went to bed.

Today I woke up relatively early (10:30am or so), and got myself cleaned up by 1:00pm. The landlord had called to say he'd have a new refrigerator this afternoon.

And he did. At about 1:30pm, he knocked on the door, and I helped him move a much newer - and much larger - refrigerator in to replace the dead one. He then went on to move a newer washer into the laundry room. He's also receptive to my bringing over my old dryer, which would be cool - I've gotten quite accustomed to sensor drying.

I then headed off to South San Jose, and the furniture place. I hadn't had much luck on the phone, and meant to confront them about the bed in person, preferably in front of other customers. Despite all my mental rehearsal, this fizzled for two reasons: There were no other customers, and the bed had just arrived. It didn't feel like there was enough time to get it before CCF, so I'll be picking it up tomorrow.

Instead, I went to the HoD and grabbed a few things to throw in the back seat, and then back to the Duplex to drop them off and do a little cleanup. So while I missed Thursday, I at least nominally did my duty today. Of course, at this rate of daily transfer it'll take 4 months to move out of the place...

At 5:15pm I woke up the napping Timmie, poured him in the car, and headed to CCF. This meant we were late - by five minutes. I'm going to enjoy being at this location.

CCF was much fun, as usual. Apart from myself and Timmie, we had misswong77, hogarthhughes, entropyca, yammylee, princesskiti22, and k_magic. A great group of people, too much food, and chocolate cake to take home.

After that, I just came home. Apart from this post, which appears to be approaching the scope of a novella, I've spent the time trying to fix a desk lamp. Taking it apart was quite easy - shopping for a replacement switch has been trickier. But doable. The tricky part from that point on has been trying to find other things to buy from the same supplier, in order to justify the $6 shipping charge.

I enjoy online shopping just a little too much.
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