April 25th, 2007

Sri Yantra


I seriously have gotten almost nothing done today. The one exception is that I've finally put something up on Craigslist - I'm selling the first set of bookshelves I ever bought, 'cause, well, they don't really fit in my room.

I've even gotten a nibble already.

I was supposed to confront the guy about my bed. It's a little late for that.

I was supposed to deal with an eBay supplier problem. It's kinda late for that, too.

I thought I'd at least try to put up the extra towel bar in the bathroom, except, well, the tools are in my trunk.

And my trunk is at the HoD.

I dunno. This may have something to do with Collapse ), but more likely it's just that I'm being my usual obnoxiously lazy self.

Hopefully I'll manage another HoD run tonight - I need to keep up my one load a day habit. It's scary how much stuff is still in that place.
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