April 23rd, 2007


Oddly Busy

Last night's show was crowded. Bar sales weren't spectacular (Quite good, but not spectacular), but we had a huge number of singers.

I managed to finish a fifth round just before 2:00am, and that just because a lot of people had left.

Part of it was the "Janette" group, who were brought in by Sarah and Paul. But while they certainly took up room, they only contributed five singers to the total of around 30.

Quite the odd Sunday. Hopefully we'll see more. While trivialt wasn't there, kshandra was, so it's all right.

I was in a fey mood last night, and several unfortunates asked me to suicide them. While I'm not too too sorry about giving spawrhawk "I Feel Pretty," I really shouldn't have dumped "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" on moahb. Sorry, Noah.

After the show, I tried to think of a late-night place to unwind that was close to the Duplex, and finally settled on the North 1st Denny's. So on the one hand, I ate way too much deep-fried stuff, but on the other, they have free WiFi.

I really don't want to know what my weight is right now. Good thing the scale's still back at the HoD.

The big news is that, thanks to diligent work by snafflekid, the breakers have been fixed, and the power now works in the pool room and women's bathrooms. I therefore probably shouldn't have shown that movie of him at markobellydance's party, huh?

Yes, I was in a fey mood.

And that's about it. Today's huge accomplishment has been ordering checks with the new address. Woo. I'll hopefully drag my carcass out of here shortly, and at least pack some more stuff at the HoD.
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