April 22nd, 2007


Yet More Fun With AT&T!

Yesterday I received the first bill for the new number, which meant I could finally add it to my online account (You need a 3-digit number on the bill to prove you're you). In the process, I, of course, saw the latest bill for the old number, which seemed... large.

Looking into it, I found that I was being charged for internet services through 4/27. Apparently, even though they were scheduled to end on the 20th, and furthermore cut me off on the 11th, I'm supposed to pay for a full month.

Since billing services is only available on the phone during business hours, I dug up their email form, entered all my info, and wrote an only mildly scathing letter (In the end, I decided to forgo the "see you in hell" comment).

Which was rejected out of hand by their system because they didn't recognize the phone number that was cut off Friday.

A second click on "send" resulted in what appeared to be success, but I suspect actually meant the message was consigned to oblivion. If I don't hear anything by Monday afternoon, I'll go the phone route.
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Lazy Day

The main word for the day so far would be "sleep." I was up from about 6:00am to 9:00am this morning, then back up again this afternoon at 2:00pm. In the interim, I've done a few minor things - that previous little bit of venom to AT&T, finally getting the VPN back working (Netgear broke a few things with the latest update), registering with CraigsList (wow, now that was difficult (not)), and studying some more Python.

In AT&T's favor, I got a response to my message, in a slightly apologetic tone, telling me that the bill I saw was automatically generated, and that I should wait for the adjusted one which will pop out in a few days.

Still, I can't help but feeling that something in a system is wrong when you're posting bills that you then tell people to ignore.

Dammit. I ordered the empanadas again. There goes my weight for the next week...
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