April 16th, 2007

Sri Yantra

I'm Having Fun! Thud.

Somewhere around 1:30am Sunday, there was somewhat of a consensus that food would be a good thing, so we all headed off to the Bagdad Café for some quite yummy stuff.

Though I think most of the guys would have preferred to just have the waiter.

Then we drove home. I was having such a problem with consciousness that I finally parked in the lot at 101&Rengstorff to nap for a bit - which turned into an hour or so. That was my main sleep for the next 24 hours.

I parked Fawkes in front of the HoD, and started in on tearing down my giant Ikea corner desk and the related computer, ummm, stuff. It's not really that complicated, but once you add in the remote power controller, the UPS, and the two printers, it does get to be a little much. Add in the fact that since this is the only time I can get myself to dust, I spent a fair amount of time wiping things down.

Somewhere around 2:00pm or 3:00pm I had the truck loaded with all the pieces, and headed off to the Duplex. This is also roughly the time that timenchanter woke up. He was apparently making up sleep for me.

I had the desk reassembled and most of the computer hooked up by 6:00pm or so. I was somewhat stymied by the fact that my new room has only two-prong outlets. This will be corrected within an hour or so. Not that I'd be doing any electrical work without a license, mind you. I'd never do that.

It didn't matter too much by that point. I drove back to the HoD, loaded up the car, and headed off to the bar, where I survived the night by drinking pint glasses of RockStar. Or whatever equivalent we have on tap.

Good thing I did, too, because it was an amazing night. It was crowded - in fact we only did 4 rounds before closing at 1:45am. cekyr0 and jeffercine were entertaining some guests (John and Rachel), who were both a lot of fun. Apparently I have k_magic to thank for dragging princesskiti22 out. So much for the 10 week hiatus - though hopefully she's doing OK at today's 13 hour class/work marathon.

tlslive showed up with Albert and AJ, a new addition to their group. valeriesparks also made it out for several hours, sans boy this time.

And of course I can't forget to mention trivialt and qzar_mystik.

hollyk left early(ish), which meant that she didn't get the full Trankenstein experience. Far far too few clothes, and completely plastered.

It's Melissa's birthday today, so Roberta (who's been having a lot of fun with outfits lately) led us all in "Happy Birthday" at midnight.

And, of course, a whole host of other people I haven't the time to mention. Though it was very nice of moahb to bring out the remainder of his cake (which I scarfed). An extremely fun night.

Strangely enough, at the end of it, I decided not to hang out at a coffee shop, and just wove my way down to the Duplex, where I laid out my sleeping bag and slept. Perhaps not as much as I would have liked, but hey - I'm feeling pretty good.

Besides, I still have to start on my taxes sometime here - and I may possibly be busy tomorrow during the day (I'm on call for jury duty this week).
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