April 12th, 2007



Which is an unfair epithet. There is nothing basically wrong with being born out of wedlock. I really shouldn't paint those people with the same brush I use for the incompetent, bungling, bureaucratic jerks that are "The new ATT".

First of all, they couldn't even hook up my new phone correctly. I honestly wasn't asking for all that much - just a single phone line. I wasn't even insisting that the connection from the junction box to my apartment had to be working. All I wanted was a phone line from the street to the building.

I had to call a repair technician just to get that.

By contrast, as soon as I got the DSL modem unpacked and plugged in, the Sonic.net connection was there, and solidly right in the middle of the advertised speed range. This being a day before they were supposed to be hooked up.

Tonight I got back to the HoD, plugged my stuff back in and found... no connection. A long and involved chat session with a technician finally came to the fact that I have no active DSL service at this point.

What I suspect has happened is that my request for disconnection on the 20th became a request for disconnection by the 20th. In any case, I apparently have to wait until normal hours, and talk to their accounting division, before they'll even consider reconnecting me.

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