April 10th, 2007



Despite the title, last night's show was fairly amazing, especially for a Monday.

For one thing, spondee was there almost all night. That in itself is both amazing and wonderful.

qzar_mystik and dwo were there with dates, both of whom could sing.

Three cute girls (Alison, Linda, and Ashleigh) showed up from out of the blue, and to all appearances had a pretty good time. Alison's quite an interesting, eclectic singer - and was wondering early on if anyone in the bar had heard of Wicked...

blankreloaded demonstrated that he's no longer not drinking. The bar did quite well last night, largely because he was personally responsible for over half of sales. It's to be hoped that his hangover isn't too horrendous.

Definitely a fun night, though I had some more clashes with Lily over volume. It's just amazing to me. In all the years I've worked there, we've gotten one sound complaint on a karaoke night. That was because we left the side door open - and the bastards called the cops at 9:30pm.

I need to have a bit of a sit-down talk with her on the subject.

After about 9 rounds, ending around 1:45am, I packed up and headed to Mini Gourmet, where I almost fell asleep in my soup.

So home, and sleep.

Today, for some reason, I have even less motivation than usual. Part of it is some enormously late sales tax paperwork I need to do, and for some reason don't wanna. Part of it is general angst over moving.

Part of it is that I don't know if the trustee sale happened this morning or not. I haven't heard back from my agent in quite some time. If it did, I'm going to have to go the bankruptcy route, and I really don't look forward to that.

Part of it is irritation with problems involving the laserdisc capture. I've been stuck on one particular video that I simply cannot get to work properly. I was hoping that the new release of the the software I'm using would help, but I haven't seen any (positive) changes.

Part of it is that Tuesday is my only completely "off" day of the week, though in a little bit timenchanter will be home, and we'll be carting stuff to the new place.

Hmmm. I should probably start thinking about filing income tax, shouldn't I?

Time to roll myself into the shower...
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