April 8th, 2007


Mellow - Or Is That Lazy? Hmmm...

timenchanter and I left the bar around midnight last night - there simply wasn't enough business for that many bartenders.

We just went home and, well, slept. I know I did, at least.

Timmie was up and productive fairly early this morning. More of Mena's room has been dumpsterized.

His friend "Runt" got here noonish, and helped him pack. Helped me pack too, once I got myself up and active - though most of my activity involved deciding whether or not to keep shit. Uh, junk - we're tossing the shit.

It was an interesting waltz down memory lane. I didn't know I still had an unopened box of 5¼" floppies, for one thing...

Runt had to leave around 3:00pm, and around then our energy supplies ran out. But there's a buncha sorted stuff, and quite a few boxes of books ready to go.

I've also ordered DSL for the new place, and started the process of moving mailing addresses. That's gonna be a laugh and a half.

Ah well. Gotta get to the show.
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