April 6th, 2007


Silly Me!

While I was waiting for debris box #2 to arrive (and still am, for that matter...), I thought I'd load up the truck with the electronics to be recycled.

I forgot it's only a small pickup.

I was only able to fit in 4 TVs, 3 monitors, and two tower cases. And that was only because one of the TVs is tiny.

Hopefully the box will be delivered soon, so I can make a second trip (the box is to be delivered by 3:00pm, the recycle place closes at 4:00pm).

Then maybe I can do a third, and hopefully final trip on Monday.

Speaking of which - I've got a host of random PC parts, if anyone needs a new keyboard or monitor (the functional monitors I can spare are CRTs). I also still have turn2nz's rather fancy HP inkjet that I'm simply not going to use. It was perfectly functional when I got it - though it then spent about two weeks in my car in the summer sun, so receive at your own risk - it probably at least needs fresh ink cartridges.

Speak up rapidly. The monitors, at least, are going by Monday at the latest, and possibly today.
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Limpin' Along

I did, in fact, empty the garbage from my room yesterday. I even unclogged the shower drain. I'm so industrious.

Then I headed off to On The Border for some serious gorging (I hadn't eaten since the previous night) and random surfing.

Most of it for a storage bed. I'd really like to not waste the space taken up by the bed (Heck, I'm vaguely considering a loft...). Problem is, most storage beds (at least for adults) are made to order, and commensurately expensive. But there is a model I can get for under $500. I'm a teensy bit nervous about buying it sight unseen, and it has a couple of features I'm not thrilled with, but I'm likely going to get it.

If it fits. I am moving into a comparatively small room.

Anyway. I made it to the bar pretty much on time, set up with only one hitch (Not only did the batteries in my wireless keyboard die, but my spares were dead too. After much fiddling, I bought some next door which did the trick), and was largely ready to go on time. Not that, really, much of anyone else was.

The bar wasn't empty - dwo was there with his sister, for one - but I only had three songs lined up, and like to have four. So I played videos for a bit, and people started to come in.

And didn't stop. I believe I almost managed four rounds last night, and actually ran until 2:02am to accommodate a guy I'd told would be able to sing.

Parts of the bar were hard to navigate all night. I had to delay having Eddie sing several times because he was too busy serving drinks.

There were several reasons the place was crowded. First off, it was moahb's birthday, and a number of people (including misswong77) were there to wish him a good one.

Second of all, as supersniffles pointed out, it's spring break for a lot of people.

And third, and possibly most importantly: Paula decided to bitch at me about how slow Thursdays have been recently. She needs to do that more often.

Quite a fun night - though it did get kinda hot in there.

Afterwards I ran misdev and her Gabriel home, then unwound at Mini Gourmet.

Then sleep. I did get some sleep last night. Still I woke up before noon for some insane reason, and did some more cleanup of the place. I only managed the one electronics run, but I also stopped off at the new place, checked for an active phone connection (without luck), and measured my new room for planning purposes.

I also utterly failed to find a scythe at OSH. I got scoffed at by an employee, in fact. But no matter - a random guy came to the door wanting to cut everything down tomorrow for $100. Hopefully at that point, timenchanter will be able to help translate.

Speaking of which, I need to go wake the Timmie up - there was an idea of having dinner before he opened at the bar tonight.
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