April 3rd, 2007



I've apparently moved to the "sleep through everything" mode of avoidance. In the last day I've (1) done the Monday night show and (2) slept. OK, I have researched Python's regular expression support a little, but that doesn't really count for too much.

After timenchanter got home yesterday we did, as planned, take a load of stuff to the new apartment.

We also had some dinner, then headed off to what turned out to be a really pleasant show.

Slow, as usual for a Monday show, but that doesn't matter too much when everybody's singing along and clapping for every performer.

And, frankly, it wasn't that slow: I had 10 singers in the rotation pretty much all night, with the smallest round being 5 for the 9th one, finishing up just about 1:50am.

Most people even sang their first selection. That might have had to do with what I gave some of them as second selections, though...

So that's just about it. I need to rush through getting up, clean, and dressed, since I just woke up, and Timmie's home, and I just know he'll be wanting me to pack or some such.
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