April 1st, 2007



Not that anything's really happened. It's just happening faster than I seem to be able to assimilate.

A huge amount of my time has been spent hiding in the whole CD/DVD XP fiasco, which has been quite convenient. Especially since the equipment I bought Friday doesn't work. In the least. I believe I'll have to remember not to buy anything from Vantec.

Three different devices. Three different systems. On each one, they would either register as "unknown device", or actually register as a USB mass storage device - for a total of 15 seconds.

I went back to Nerdvana Saturday and exchanged them for a different brand (DAT Optic) which so far, at least, has worked quite well. I also changed the setup a little bit - the CD-only drive is connected normally, so I have the potential to boot from CD if need be. The fancy drive, though - the one I'll be using most - is connected through USB, and will hopefully therefore be immune from at least that "feature" of XP.

I've done some intensive reading from the drive while simultaneously playing karaoke tracks. No problems whatsoever.

On the reality front, timenchanter and I drove up to my parents' place Saturday afternoon. He had to head back down to deal with an union election, but this meant I was able to pick up my parents' truck, which will shortly be ferrying stuff to the new place.

I ended up staying for a late lunch, but not much longer, mostly because neither of them were really up for company. My mom's apparently caught the latest cold going around, and my dad is busy popping nitro and talking about how he's going to die.

Hmmm. Sounds callous, doesn't it? How do I put this - my dad is very frail, and could die at any moment. He is, after all, 85. This is not a prospect that fills me with glee.

On the other hand, he's been "about to die" for most of my life. I was something like 13 when I saw his first angina attack. I flew up from college before an operation because he might not make it. That was something like 28 years ago.

After the second decade, the emotional effect kind of fizzles out.

In any case, I got home fairly early and... slept. One advantage of having a relatively free schedule is that I can sleep when my body tells me to, though I sometimes wonder if it knows what it's talking about. I woke up just about the time Timmie left the bar, so I cleaned up a little, and we had supper at the Cardinal.

Then the bastard insisted that I do some packing.

So a couple of bookshelves have been emptied.

Right now I'm debating whether to try for something productive-ish, or sleep some more. Only time will tell.
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