March 22nd, 2007

Triskell Knot

More Baby Steps

First and foremost: Last night at the Hamptons was fantastic, as always. I felt guilty for not bringing anything at all this time, but I think what I've brought in the past has been sufficient to let me slide a few times...

I was going to bring some frozen blintzes and sour cream, fry them up (yeah, I know - actual contact with cooking instruments) and serve them, except, well, I couldn't find any.

Good ol' reliable Trader Joe's no longer carries the "real" ones, and was even out of the tofu monstrosities (No, I haven't tasted them. Yes, I actually like tofu. Still, a blintz without cheese is an abomination against all that is good and right in the world). A quick check of Costco and Albertson's turned up zip.

Ah well. It's not like there wasn't enough food. I stuffed myself a little queasy by the end of the night, in fact.

Especially on k_magic's biscuits and gravy, which were pure heaven.

wissavix, apart from being quite the hawtness (as usual), was also wearing the most amazingly great boots I've seen in quite a while.

timenchanter dragged me out of there sometime around 10:00pm so we could look at a couple of apartment locations. Both were quite acceptable - though I think he prefers the one within biking distance of City Hall, and I prefer the one within walking distance of the Gay Bar. Well, and Mini Gourmet. And Santana Row. And Valley Fair...

However, we need to see the apartments, if they're still available, before making any rash decisions.

Today has seen two small accomplishments. First off, within 20 minutes, I will have finished ripping the Sound Choice discs. That doesn't mean I'm done, but I'm gettin' close. In celebration, I'm researching the code I need to write for support.

Secondly, and more importantly: I've finally, after months (or is that years?) of procrastination, cleaned up my wireless account. raven2000 took over her number voluntarily about a week ago, and bustymcboob... didn't. She was warned I was going to close the account at least a month ago, so having the phone shut off shouldn't be too much of a shock.

I've reduced the plan to cover the amount I personally use, and from now on should be paying about a third as much per month.

Now if I could just get myself to pack...
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