March 21st, 2007


Attack of the Giant Straight Man

I've been really flakey about posting this month - must correct that.

Lessee. My last post ended about halfway through the night Monday. Very shortly before the straight guy.

Which is an unfair characterization. It's not that he was straight. It's that he was tall, wide, loud, and irritating. And, to top it all off - kind of nice. He knew he drove people crazy, and tried to get people to tell him to shut up and go away when he got to be too much.

It was like having a friendly ogre in the place. I could not turn up either the music or the singers loud enough to drown him out, and he. never. shut. up. He brought a woman with him - Antoinette - who's also pretty nice, and nowhere near as irritating. The sort that might be going out on a date with his type, but still, very nice lady.

On the positive side, the bar did quite well for a Monday night - largely due to him - and Eddie made a lot of tips - largely from him.

At the end of the night, we got him to the door - then he had to come back in to look for his shoes. We found them, got him to the door - and he had to come back and look for his cap. We found his phone a few minutes later, but apparently that was less important than the Chevrolet cap.

After we locked the door, Eddie jumped the bar, ran up to me, threw his arms around me, and started yelling "Why?" over and over again while slowly collapsing to the floor, then running around in a circle on the floor, lying on his side.

I almost hurt my ribs laughing.

Then a little me time at Carrows, and home to the disc grind. I've spent a large part of the last two days trying to rip one disc - with eventual success. Sound Choice had a short and very nasty fling with copy protection at one point. Their discs were supposed to play in normal players, but not be readable by PCs.

Of course, it turned out that a lot of normal players used the same methods as the PCs, and software was shortly written for PCs that made it possible to read the discs. In the meantime, their sales dropped through the floor, and they begrudgingly stopped screwing up their discs.

I have a few of them. Only one, though, gave me any problem. It's now safely backed up on hard drive, however.

I understand copyright issues. But I firmly believe there should be a law against copy protection software. It does nothing but rob the consumer of the right to use what they've purchased.

I made it up to my parents' yesterday, worked on a couple of things around the house, and had the usual nice dinner - though this one wasn't my mom's cooking. It was from one of the "do it yourself supper" places. Not half bad.

Then home and, to a large extent, sleep. I got up around noon today, and have been futzing around since. I just ordered 3 new discs - some Erasure, and a couple of recent pop.

And now I need to get myself up, and shop for tonight.
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