March 18th, 2007


Now THAT Was A Party

As blankreloaded has already cheerfully noted, I was able to score a near-full bottle of "illicit substance" yesterday. I think it's still half-full, too, despite having been partaken of by several of us.

The funny thing is that the guy I eventually found that was willing to spare a bottle lives a couple of blocks from the bar. Good thing I was going there.

Paula had volunteered me to do something about the dead breakers. This turned out to be difficult, because I've never seen anything like the old breakers in my life. I ran around to several hardware stores, decided it was hopeless, and told her that she's just going to have to spring for an electrician.

She was thrilled.

All of that got me a little late for the Hamptons, but no matter.

It was a typical Hamptons blowout. In other words, a most excellent time. Of course, I was floating around with the green fairy for most of the night. Not to mention being surrounded by them.

I will, of course, not even attempt to list all the attendees. But it was great that kshandra, supersniffles, and blankreloaded came out. And, of course, I quite enjoyed the presence of princesskiti22, wissavix, celticnoor, and misswong77, since on top of being wonderful people, they're also visually quite nummy.

cekyr0 now has an amazing array of extremely cheesy pictures of me. celticnoor demonstrated a couple of times that you shouldn't mess with her boobs. At least not if you're a plastic glass.

I passed out on a chair in the living room somewhere around 1:00am. I woke up this morning 7:30ish, and decided I wanted to go home, clean up, charge my completely discharged phone (I don't think I drunk-dialed...), and maybe even rest a bit more.

I feel surprisingly un-hungover. But I'm forcing down water and Emergen-C anyway.

I'm also washing pants. Last night's have been, well, slept in. And they were kind of an emergency pair. And after all, I'll need fresh pants for when I see 300 with Keri this afternoon!
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