March 12th, 2007


Work, Play, and Housing

After my last post, I did indeed drop by the bar for a little bit - enough to have Wayne flag me down and solve a problem. Essentially, he couldn't play a copy-protected disc. Not a hard thing to fix.

I understand that music companies are concerned about piracy, but all their protection schemes just make legitimate uses difficult.

Then home, and a little bit of sleep, and back to the disc rip grind. I'm almost completely done with the second CDG case - though I've run into a little problem with my present drive and the CDG ripper software. Under some circumstances, the ripper thinks the last track is larger than it actually is. When it attempts to read the missing data, the drive locks up. It looks like it actually eventually times out - but the timeout is over an hour.

I'm curious, so I'm letting it run, but generally, I have to completely power off the machine to reset the drive.

timenchanter dragged me away from the process yesterday long enough to look at some housing - specifically, some sorta-trailers in a little trailer park in an industrial area north of 101 at Old Oakland. The price looked good until you saw what you got for it - we'd probably do better getting a studio and dividing it into separate rooms with a blanket.

Then we picked up misswong77 and deposited her at home. A bit of time at home packing the car, and then back off to the Old Spaghetti Factory to meet back up with Lucinda and quite a crowd for dinner. I won't even attempt to list them, because I'd miss somebody.

That took until about 7:00pm, so I threw some money on the table, and rushed off to the bar, where Sarah and Paul were busily decorating for her birthday party. And quite a party it was.

We haven't had a Sunday that busy since October. There were quite a few friends of Sarah&Paul's that I'd never seen before - a number of them of the cute female variety. A couple of those were quite good singers, to boot.

This was all topped off by the arrival of filmbuf104 and Natalie. I've haven't seen them for months. I keep forgetting just how cute Natalie is...

So I had a good night. I was tired, but fueled myself on RockStar and cranberry juice (Not together - I'm not sure I want to know how the mix would taste...). I closed down on the dot at 2:00am, about 3 songs into the fifth round.

It took me until about 3:00am to close down and pack up, which gave me ample time to listen in on the latest bar drama.

That being more than I should say about it.

Tired or no, I needed to decompress, so I went back to Mini Gourmet to enjoy some greasy spoon food, then home. I started to write this post when I got home, but conked out first.

Which is what I should go back to right now. I'm still pretty tired.
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