March 10th, 2007

Ice Cream


Today has been... socially active. Not that I haven't still been busy with the capture and rip thing. I spontaneously woke up a little after 9:00am this morning, and started processing. I've fully done with 3 LDs now, so the new score is 60 out of 780.

I've also got all the P-prefix CDGs done, which would be more impressive if the bulk of my collection weren't SCs.

I headed up to my parents' place in the early afternoon. I wasn't there for long, but did manage to get a spot of painting done. Actually, given my level of coordination, several spots.

I left there for beautiful Morgan Hill, in order to participate in Ira's birthday party (Ira is timenchanter's brother). A fun group, though the level of Christianity was occasionally a little disturbing.

Ira has an interesting business proposition, which might just work out.

And from there up to dancin_whitey's birthday party, which has been pleasantly mellow. I'll probably leave here in a bit and visit Timmie at the bar - then go home and sleep.

There's been an odd new development on the home sale front - I got a registered letter from Ameriquest today. Apparently I may be able to retroactively "cancel" the mortgage, which may mean that all the interest I've paid may be directed to the principal.

It's very odd. I'm going to have to consult a lawyer about this one.
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