March 7th, 2007


Oh. My. Gawd.

The choreography for the LP-107 version of "Beat It" is...

Well, "gay" comes to mind. The dancers aren't bad - in fact the male lead is pretty good. But the moves they have him doing...

He'd look more masculine in a dress dancing to "I Feel Pretty." I never knew the song was about gay bashing...
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A New Day

I was late to Rocky last night - very late. I didn't get there until around 11:15pm. I got to see more than I expected (Got there at the end of the lab scene).

It seems to have been a reasonably good idea - the crowd was quite large for a Tuesday.

I left a little after midnight, and found my way to the Cardinal, where I would have eaten reasonably, if the waiter hadn't pointed out they now have brownie cheesecake.

Damn them.

On the other hand, I finally weighed myself today after being afraid to for almost a month and a half. Somehow I've dropped around 7 pounds to 218. Cool.

Then back home to the grind. I've gotten as far as the PC CDGs, which is good. The laserdiscs, well...

At this point I'm sure I need to redo them. Some of them are so far off in timing it's funny. And the amount of shift varies widely.

Rather than dealing with the incredibly crappy software I got with my capture device, I've downloaded VirtualDub and MPEG Video Wizard, and have already grabbed a couple of discs. I haven't cut them up yet. The synchronization looks to be better so far, at least.

Now I'm at the Hamptons, and having a pretty damn good time. A little weirded out that so much of the stuff on the table has been bought by me over the months, but whatever. My fault for buying non-perishables, I guess.

Back to being sociable...
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