March 6th, 2007

Sri Yantra


The last two days have not, despite all appearances, been a downer. In fact, the Sunday and Monday night shows were both very good, and a lot of fun. I'm not going to go into people and stats, 'cause I'm not in the mood. Suffice it to say that people showed up and had fun.

I'm in the dumps because of a crisis of faith. In this case, faith in technology. Enough little things have been going wrong with the acquisition process that I don't know right now if I can make the thing work.

Looking at it objectively, I'm sure I will eventually, but, well...

There have been the little hardware things. It's not normal for a new, and expensive, system to frequently start up with an unbalanced fan noise. It eventually sorts itself out, but I mean, really - this is all new equipment.

Having the monitor fall on my thumb while I was shutting stuff down Sunday night didn't help my mood. I thought for a bit that I'd cracked the LCD, but I'd just put a magnificent scratch in the middle of my field of view.

I've had the CDG ripper only do partial tracks - Monday I wrote a utility to check that, and between the show last night and some more work today, I've found all the short ones. Hopefully those are the only errors, because on one of the tracks that didn't want to rip properly, somehow, somewhere, the last two seconds of sound got cut. Nothing important, except it was kind of abrupt. I don't feel good when I can't account for a source of error.

I discovered after the show last night that, for reasons unknown, that same utility can completely freeze XP for several seconds while waiting for the CD drive to initialize. And I do mean freeze: The cursor still works, but everything else locks up. This shouldn't even be possible. And, of course, during the time I was developing the utility, I was capturing laserdisc data. I've got to go through all of at least one disc capture to see if there are any gaps.

Then there was the time this morning when, in the middle of CDG playback, the thing just hiccuped - a bit of noise, a pause in video, then normal resumption. Nothing else was running. I can't really afford to have mysterious glitches in the middle of a show.

Just to add insult to injury, I'm not sure the captured laserdisc data has correct audio/video synchronization. It's hard to tell, mostly because Pioneer, at least, believes in highlighting a little before it's time to sing that word. But it feels like the captured video is a little further in advance.

There's nothing like working continuously for several weeks, expending a lot of money in the process, and not feeling too certain anything you've done is going to work.

Shoulda gone with Linux.

On the good side, I got depressed enough to sleep a bit this afternoon. The downside of that is that I'm not yet dressed, and Rocky starts in half an hour. Gonna be late.
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