February 28th, 2007

Dragon K

It Continues

Well, we got Fawkes back last night, and it seems to be much happier. timenchanter wanted to complain to someone directly about his phone (The phone jack is misbehaving - and on a different model this time), so we headed to the Palm store at Valley Fair.

He had about as much luck as one would expect, but hey, it was worth a try. Then we had dinner at the Sushi Boat there. I wouldn't particularly recommend it. They have some good stuff, but it's at mall prices, and they leave it out for far too long.

Then back home to the joys of video capture.

Somewhere around midnight, I took a break and headed up to the bar. It was busier than I expected - there were about 8 people there, including supersniffles and Melissa. Also several people nobody had seen before, including a couple of fairly creepy guys who ended up taking a taxi to the City - apparently to make a drug connection.

So I hung out and relaxed for a bit, then headed home - with the first case of CDGs. So now I'm busy capturing LDs and ripping CDGs simultaneously. Look! I can multitask! Woo!

On that front, I'm now official more than halfway through the laserdisc tracks - only 326 to go. I'm about a third of the way through the first LDK, coincidentally, so at least the quality should be going up from here.

I'm also most of the way through the CLEG CDGs. It's a little harder to estimate the total fraction done there. But it's doing OK.

On the house front, my agent just came by with another offer. Now if the bank - and Title insurance - will only move, we'll be fine.

My new phone case finally arrived - from Argentina - but I wasn't awake to get it this morning. I need to get myself cleaned up, go grab that, and also do some shopping for tonight's Dinner &.
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