February 24th, 2007



The vast majority of the last day has been spent capturing laserdiscs. I'm not doing too badly on that front - I'm running a sound level check on LAS-13 right now. More revealing is that I've done 232 of 780 total tracks.

Fun fun fun.

I did, however, break off last night to go see Ghost Rider with cekyr0, jeffercine, k_magic, and Seth H. Definitely a fun film, though there's at least one point where the acting quality got so wooden it was, well, almost physically painful. A huge number of just amazing visuals, however. And Eva Mendes was particularly nummy.

It was amusing running into cmjfoxfyre, Shawn, gidget121972, and... oh dear, I always forget his name... waiting in the lobby to see the exact same film while I was getting in contact with Alex.

After that I headed to the bar, and hung out with the crowd at Nemesis. Something weird was going on with the sound, and I'll be going back to figure out what the hell is wrong, hopefully before Wayne gets there.

I also spent a few hours at my parents' place today, though I came back early, since I'll be at kizmet100's dinner in a little bit.

But first I want to get the sound level on LAS-13 OK, dammit. It's not being cooperative.
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