February 23rd, 2007


Back in the Saddle

Last night was a good show - if one of those of the odd, recent type where the place is packed until around midnight, when just about everybody goes home. The second and third rotations were pretty large, and I still ran for 8 last night, closing at about 1:45am.

That meant I had to do without the chart for two rounds - it only handles 6 if I get enough people to "wrap." I survived without.

Earlier in the night, we got to enjoy the presence of misswong77 and the lovely lilminxdynasty, as well as bartending by jeffercine. The end of the night saw the presence of markobellydance and celticnoor.

I brought the heart of the new karaoke system last night - the rackmount case itself. This allowed me to do a few things. First, check the noise level, which was quite acceptable - I couldn't hear the fans at all for most of the night, and certainly not while music was playing. Second, test out the LD captures on the bar sound system. On the one track I played, we couldn't tell any difference in either the sound or the video. And third, rip some CDGs during my copious free time.

All the "As" are now on hard drive. Not that there's a huge number of them, but it's a start. At least those go faster than the lasers - around 8-10 minutes per rip.

I was feeling a little antisocial by the end of the night, so I forwent the opportunity to hang out with supersniffles for some alone time at Mini Gourmet, followed by a return to the LD capture grind. I just finished LAS-09, and am running the sound level check on LAS-10 right now.

This is less impressive than it might look. LAS-07 through LAS-11 only have 10 songs apiece. Still, I've managed to fully rip 30 tracks so far today, and am around 24% of the way through the process. Not only that, but I actually had a decent amount of sleep.

Some of these videos, though. The stop-motion kitchen of "If I Fell" is friggin' weird.

Ah well. I need to start getting myself together - I'm seeing "Ghost Rider" with cekyr0 and jeffercine tonight. Plus, I assume, whoever else shows up.
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