February 21st, 2007

Triskell Knot


Not a huge amount to say, since sleep is pretty much what I did for most of Tuesday. I'm a little concerned that I might be coming down with what Debbie has. I've dosed myself a couple of times with Emergen-C (Costco was out of Airborne), which I have to say tastes like ass. Airborne is quite tasty, at least in comparison.

As a result, I missed the warmest day so far. Today was positively toasty, with temperatures in the low 40s.

Around about 6:00pm or so, I finally got myself dressed, out of the apartment, and on the train to Pieces, where I met up with timenchanter, electrichobbit, and Debbie.

From there we went to McNulty's, so Timmie could pick up some specialty tea, then down the street to Lima's Taste for some Peruvian food. None of us had been there before, which seemed a little odd (It's apparently been there - right down the street from the Duplex - for four years).

We all declared ourselves well satisfied by the end of the meal. Then it was off to the Duplex for a few hours of hanging out, listening to the piano player, and finally meeting (and hearing) the famous Melissa.

By 11:30pm I was, of all things, tired, as were all of us but Timmie, so we headed back to the apartment.

I've been guaranteed that I'll be up and more energetic earlier tomorrow. Or at least something close to "I had better be."

We fly back tomorrow evening. We'll be on JetBlue flight 173, arriving around 10:50pm. In our grand tradition of "planning ahead," we haven't arranged for a ride, so if anyone happens to be, say, hanging around SJC right then, we'd really appreciate it.
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