February 20th, 2007


Q is for Dr. Tran

Monday was, of course, timenchanter's birthday, and we did our best to make it memorable.

I do believe there was some success in the endeavor. I know I certainly had a good time.

Our Empress, however, did not fare so well. She seems to have come down with something which I fear we may have brought with us. It seems odd that she had not already been exposed to the plague earlier when electrichobbit came back out here, but I suppose we may have brought some new, mutated version.

So she spent the day at home, and was still coughing when we got back.

Timmie and I set out around noon, and found our way to the Metro Diner, where we had an excellent - if huge - lunch.

Then we headed to the TKTS booth. We were a little early - and the weather was positively frigid (today was my first day of thermal underwear) - so we hung out at the Marriott Starbucks a bit to warm up.

Then half an hour in line or so, followed by the successful acquisition of Avenue Q tickets.

Which left us an afternoon to kill. All the museums are closed on Monday, so we made our way down to Chinatown to see if there were any celebrations. We didn't find any, but wandered for quite a bit (and Timmie bought himself a couple of belts on Canal St.).

We eventually took refuge from the cold in a little place called Once Upon a Tart, where we had some tea and extraordinary soup.

We had some text discussion around that point about when to meet Debbie for drinks at the Duplex, and eventually decided to do it after the show. This was perhaps not the best decision - especially since during the decision process, Timmie and I made our way to said Duplex, where we hung out for an hour or so before the show.

Ah well.

We then made our way to the John Golden Theater and Avenue Q. An amazing show. I expected good things from the soundtrack, but it was even better than I'd thought.

And Timmie just had to buy me an "It sucks to be me" t-shirt.

After that, we of course learned that Debbie was not feeling awake enough to make it out, so we decided to grab dinner. Unfortunately, we grabbed one of the first places we saw, which was the TGIFriday's on Times Square. Beautiful location, somewhat edible food, and prices that have to be seen to be believed. About what one would expect.

Then back to the apartment, for a little bit of Debbie time before she retreated to bed. Timmie decided to watch Wit, though I think I've seen more of it - the movie just finished, and he's snoring away.

And that was the day in excruciating detail. I've got to figure out how I'm getting to sleep - there is, after all, an unconscious Timmie taking up all the bed. I may see if I can inflate the air mattress...
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