February 16th, 2007



The radio just played the Foo Fighters cover of "Baker Street".

I generally like the Foo Fighters, but in this case, no.

Throwing high energy, high volume rock guitar on top of soft lyrics just does too good a job of simulating trying to listen to a quiet conversation in city traffic.
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Running Around

It's been a busy day. I of course spent most of the afternoon Thursday capturing more LD data - I'm now finished with LAS-06. But it also occurred to me that sugarbare might appreciate having an up-to-date book, so I printed a couple of those out (I was going to do three, but I ran out of both time and paper). I also printed out a huge number of slips, which I cut last night at the show.

That kept me going until it was time to run off to the bar. I got there just about on time, and started one of the busiest Thursdays I've had in a while. Last night was the annual sylvan party, so I had all sorts of people I see rarely, and quite a few I've not seen at all.

It was huge amounts of fun, up to and including having a bunch of former actors doing the Time Warp. Not to mention the really cute redhead in the knee-high boots and the skimpy black outfit...

We of course also had regulars, like trivialt, cekyr0, and jeffercine, kshandra, supersniffles, snafflekid, and qzar_mystik.

Afterwards I headed off to Denny's with Anthony, Andrew, and Steve M, then took Steve home. That was a bit of an experience, since the whole of the south bay was covered with fairly heavy fog. It was quite unusual. Good thing I like fog.

It was nearing 5:00am at that point, so I decided a few hours of sleep were in order. I got myself back up at 10:00am, and started with the day's activities. The houseful of cat shit has been cleaned up - and Misha is outside. I'm pretty sure Sasha is inside somewhere - likely in the back bedroom attic area. It'll be interesting to see what kind of mess we come home to.

I've handled some paperwork, boxed a teensy bit of it, packed, cleaned up some more recycling, bought fresh kitty litter, dropped some cash off at the bank, mailed a couple of items, had Mario's friend move out yet more stuff, had the real estate agent and appraiser come through, and installed the new keyboard for the karaoke system.

Cool keyboard.

Also, it looks like it'll be a minimum of 45 days before anything goes through on the house, so we've got some breathing room. Hopefully we'll use it wisely - timenchanter is suggesting just moving out by April 1st. Seems an appropriate date.

What I didn't have time to do was divest myself of the extra phones on my Cingular account. I at the very least have to remove bustymcboob. I love her much, but I have a 2000 minute contract that I can't really afford - and she alone has already used more than that already this month. It's too noisy in the airport to handle it here, but I'm going to see if I can call in and arrange that tomorrow - or Monday, if they run normal business hours.

However, I did make it to the impromptu CCF with misswong77 and Anthony. I made it home from that just a little late, so I only made Jefferson wait 10 minutes or so while I finished packing up.

And now I'm in the airport, sipping on a G&T and taking it relatively easy. My flight's been delayed by about an hour, so I likely won't even start boarding until 11:00pm. But that's OK. I'm here, and I'm packed. I may be missing the Black&Blue for the first time ever, but I'm about to spend 5 days with Timmie and Debbie. Life is pretty damn good.
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