February 13th, 2007



Monday's show was slow, but definitely on the entertaining side. Having all three of BJ, spawrhawk, and Eddie dancing around me while I sang "Milkshake" was quite an experience.

They were dancing to quite a few songs last night - and Monsieur Saenz kept complaining that the laughing was hurting his face.

trivialt made an appearance, as did blankreloaded.

I eventually closed down at about 1:30am, at the end of the 10th round. I could have fit in another one, but I was pretty tired.

After packing up, I decompressed for a bit at Carrow's, then went home and started acting kinda weird. A lot of it was working on the whole laserdisc capture thing. I seem to finally have that working (with a 224kbps audio rate), but it's depressing that after two days of work, I have one and a half LDs captured.

It'll hopefully speed up from here, though I'm definitely slowed by being only able to capture 2 songs at a time. Long story.

In the meantime, I got it in my head to transfer the CDG captures I've done on the laptop to the karaoke system. For some reason, probably having to do with sleep dep - or stupidity - I decided the best thing would be to ftp them all to my site, then ftp them back on the karaoke system.

Given some of the problems I've had with Windows in-group file transfers, that didn't seem like the worst idea in the world. And it should have been somewhat automatic, if my ftp program hadn't kept crashing on both sides. The 30kpbs transfer rate was the real killer, though.

I forced myself to stop fiddling with things at around 9:00am, slept until 1:00pm, then roughly aimed myself at getting to my parents'. This took until after 4:00pm, mostly because of more time spent trying to manage copying and capture tasks.

I then had a nice, if somewhat zoned evening with my parents, came back home around 10:30pm, restarted the capture process, and transferred all the CDG files from the laptop using a flash drive in about half an hour. It would have been faster, but my flash drive is almost full.

And that's where I am. I've managed to start some laundry, and I'm trying to convince myself to remove some garbage and recycling from my room. Then maybe even sleep, so I can take care of paperwork tomorrow before the round of parties.
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