February 12th, 2007


Thank You

This happens every now and again, and each time, I'm kinda blown away.

So, to whoever put the $100 in my tip jar last night: Thank you very, very much. It's most appreciated.
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Good Night

Last night's show was one hell of a lot of fun. This had, of course, everything to do with the people there, which included trivialt, cekyr0, jeffercine, lilminxdynasty, misswong77, princesskiti22, supersniffles, valeriesparks, and mr_seed.

Not that that's a comprehensive list in the least. qzar_mystik was there too, for example. Not to mention some blankreloaded guy.

The rotation was long, but not insane. I finished the fifth and last rotation at 1:55am.

As I previously mentioned, tips were rather on the fabulous side, in large part to the patented Casey hard sell tactics. According to snafflekid, he was telling people that I was a sad, pathetic, little man.

I of course had to correct that - both to Kendall, and eventually on the mic. I am not little.

The main downside of the night was a resurgence in creepy men. Keri had some trouble with Apple's friend Kenneth, who to all appearances was too drunk for his own good. He was however overshadowed by a Creepy Mexican Guy™. We can't tell if he was one of the old ones, or a new model. This one was equal opportunity, at least. He was bugging Eddie and markobellydance, as well as Cindi, Keri, and sjgrrrl. At one point I had the latter three huddling in the booth for protection.

So at least I had a good night of it.

I took Casey home after the show, then headed back to Cindi's place. On the way, I got a text from Keri, which had me overshooting and heading back to the bar to close out her tab. Paula, Lily, Ray, and Luis were busy emptying out the Champagne room, so that was still possible.

Then I actually did make it to Cindi's, where she fed me some excellent meatloaf, and we talked until 5:00am.

From there I headed home, and played with laserdisc capture. It turns out I still have a couple of players downstairs, both looking like they might be hooked up - but not. I brought one upstairs, hooked it up to the system, removed the Nightmare Before Christmas LD, and started playing with data capture.

It's, ummm, slightly tricky. So far, I can only afford to record about 13 minutes of video at a time, or my editor will crap out on me. I'm also a little concerned about sound quality. My initial capture is at a good rate, but I can only do so well saving from the editor. I may bring the system in with some edited videos to do a comparison on the bar system.

I've also spent a lot of time playing with the dual screen mode. NVidia makes it far more complicated than it needs to be. Especially with the number of features that semi-apply immediately, but don't have quite the same effect after a reboot. But whatever - I seem to have it working now, which is the important thing.

So I haven't had a huge amount of sleep, and I still haven't done some very necessary paperwork. But hey, can't have it all, eh? I still need to get ready for the night. I was hoping to have this disc captured by the time I leave, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Life is so hard...
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