February 11th, 2007



After dinner last night/morning (I didn't leave until around 12:20am...), I moseyed on over to the bar because, well, I can't stay away, apparently. Said hi to Lizz and jeffercine. Waved hello to Dave A., who appeared to be sulking. Dunno if it was about the thing with me or not - didn't ask.

Jefferson had brought a selection of used power strips. I picked one which should work for what I need - I should be performing surgery shortly, and verifying all the outlets work OK.

Then home around closing, followed by throwing a lot of stuff at the karaoke software. It appears to function perfectly well, and there's no evidence of either slowdowns or memory leaks.

Interestingly, I'm not having the "extra time" CDG play effect I've been seeing on the laptop, where up to two minutes of blank time are added to the end of a song. I suspect the difference is that the laptop is using FAT32 disk allocation, while the Karaoke system is using NTFS. I think they're playing until the end of the allocated area rather than the file area. Ah well. I should probably report it to them, but it's now no longer a vital matter.

I fell asleep somewhere in there, and crawled back to consciousness sometime around 1:30pm today. After the usual "morning" rituals, I decided to finally attach the new CPU heatsink. The old one was tougher than I expected, which turned out to be because the CPU pulled out of its socket with it. This was not what I was expecting. Not being able to detach the CPU wasn't making me very happy, either. I couldn't even pry it off with a knife.

As far as I could tell, they'd glued the damn thing to the heatsink. Furious, I rushed through a shower, and drove frantically off to the store. Where a very nice salesman easily broke the hold of the grease by twisting.

After slinking home, I cleaned the old grease off the CPU, then installed the new heatsink. It seems to work OK. CPU temperatures are a couple of degrees higher, but nothing serious - and it's noticeably quieter.

The main downside is that part of the reason the new fan is quieter is because it runs much, much slower. Both the BIOS and Windows monitors give a warning if it runs too slow. The lowest threshold I can give for that warning is 800rpm. The new heatsink fan runs at around 750. I just had to turn off monitoring entirely.

I'm also just a little worried about the fact that the BIOS told me I'd installed a new CPU. I did, indeed, take the old one out, and put the same one back in. I'm just not sure how it knew...

Ah well. I've just finished dinner, and I need to get to the bar. Karaoke awaits.
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