February 10th, 2007



I hung out at the bar until a little after close last night. Had a few good talks with Lynx. I'd also completely forgotten that Michelle was the woman who sold me my first Cingular service, lo so many years ago.

Got Lizz's email, so I could send her photo gallery info.

Then home, and near instant oblivion. Slept hard, I did.

I woke up this morning early enough to clean up and have lunch with timenchanter before he took his flight. Then I trundled him off to the airport, and went home.

At home, I continued to wrestle with a creeping featurism problem. The original idea for the karaoke system was to buy an available player, then enhance it with some playlist and Db lookup stuff in Python and MySQL. Then I discovered that there were Python karaoke libraries.

Except they don't have a key changer. There's a workaround to include one, but it doesn't work in XP quite yet - and won't for at least a few months. There's also nothing to read directly off of a CDG disc, but that's not a major problem.

In the last 48 hours or so, I've investigated:
  • Using an external processor as a MIDI-controlled pitch-shifter.

  • DirectSound pitch shift calls.

  • The MPEG standard, in the hopes of shifting frequencies while still in the frequency domain before data got to the player.

  • Moving to Linux. That one's really tempting.
A couple of hours ago, I figuratively took myself by the throat and pointed out that this is supposed to be a quick solution, not a 6 month development project.

So I've installed the player I'd previously found, and am running a whole bunch of movies and CDG files through it. I've recently had it bog down at the bar when running a movie from the laptop, after a long night of net surfing. I suspect it's probably a memory problem on my laptop - especially since FireFox is known to eat up a whole bunch over time. But I'm trying to simulate running a show, just to see how if it slows down. By the time I left the house, it was doing pretty well.

So the push now is to back off, verify that this solution works, and go back to the comparatively simple process of setting up a reasonable Db lookup/playlist system that works with my data. I can look at the Python Karaoke stuff again in half a year or so, and see if they've made any improvements.
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