February 8th, 2007


Striding Forcefully in the Wrong Direction

After more sleep yesterday afternoon, I made it to Dinner & about 45 minutes late. Since they had quite a spread already, none of my food got eaten, which was fine - most of it was spreads, anyway, and can be stored for the next time.

It was a medium to large group this time, so I got lots of talking in - not to mention backrubs for princesskiti22 and misswong77.

Most of the group was playing board games, but I wasn't really into that - so I had a very nice conversation with cekyr0 and moahb, instead.

A good night all around. It appears I need to introduce wissavix and Keri to Dr. Tran, however.

I headed home around midnight, and to my surprise, went back to sleep. I got up this morning at 8:00am, did a couple of things then... went back to sleep.

Around 11:00am I finally roused myself, and started on the vital job of working on the karaoke setup. Both MySQL and Python are now installed, as well as a bunch of (oddly enough) Python karaoke libraries.

Now I just need to learn Python.

I also spent a fair amount of time investigating how to reduce the PC case noise level. It's been much better since I replaced the case fans proper, but it's still kinda noisy, to a point that I think would be distracting between songs at the bar.

After a lot of research, I've ordered a new power supply. Normally, this wouldn't be too difficult, but for the fact that there don't seem to be too many manufacturers of 3U format PC power supplies. There are a whole bunch of quiet - even silent - power supplies on the market. They just won't fit in my case.

Next up is putting in a quieter CPU cooler, and then I'll be pretty much out of options, since I'm not going to try watercooling what is still supposed to be - at least nominally - a portable system. I have one in mind, but it's going to be awfully close to the top of the case, which might negate any sound advantage it's supposed to have.

I dragged myself into the shower at about 4:00pm, then "rushed" through as fast as I could manage, which meant I left the house at 4:45pm, intending to make it to my credit union before 5:00pm. I coulda done it, too, if I hadn't absent-mindedly taken the Taylor street exit. It took me just about 5 minutes to swing back around and get on the 87. I decided to try anyway, and found that, surprisingly, they hadn't locked the doors yet.

It was only as I was leaving that I saw the sign saying they're open until 6:00pm on Thursdays...

From there I made my way to the Weird Stuff Warehouse to see if I could find the rackmount power strip I need. It's just a stupid power strip with rack ears, but the cheapest one I can find that fits my needs would cost around $40. Unfortunately, they didn't, but I had fun scouring the aisles anyway. If you haven't heard of it, Weird Stuff is kind of the high tech equivalent of the elephant's graveyard - obsolete tech crawls its way there to die.

I left there at 6:00pm when they closed, and headed out intending to find a place to eat. The street I was on turned into Mathilda, so in the end I turned into the Hobee's parking lot.

So far, the soup has been very good, and the Tex-Mex pasta, um, adequate. For some insane reason I've also ordered a slice of carrot cake cheesecake, which is quite, quite yummy. I'm beginning to think that maybe I should have eaten something else earlier in the day...
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