February 2nd, 2007


And More

Last night's show was simply wonderful. There's just something about working in a room surrounded by people you care about.

People started to drift off around midnight, which meant that even with the crowds earlier in the night, I was still able to fit in 6 rounds before finishing at pretty much precisely 2:00am. I was a little wired from the evening, so I had everything closed up by 2:15am. Which meant I got the joy of hanging out for 25 minutes until Paula paid me. Oh well.

I took Steve M home, then took myself and timenchanter to the Mini Gourmet for some sustenance.

Then home, and a few hours of sleep. I'd promised Timmie I'd do lunch with him today, so I got up in time to clean up, handle a few eBay transactions, and made it to City Hall at just about noon.

Then we had ourselves some ThepThai. Good stuff.

Afterwards I came home, and have been largely napping since. I did respond to a call from AMC mortgage. They apparently think they still own the mortgage, which is... odd. I had a very nice, if confusing, conversation with a woman named Brandy, who said she'd update my file.

What I should be doing is working on the Title paperwork, or doing my taxes. Who knows what I actually will do. misswong77 and I decided to cancel her game night, since it was just the two of us. I'm likely to spend some time at Nemesis, but I don't know if I'll actually spend all night there.

There's also the question of the mysterious UPS delivery. Today is supposedly the third attempt. I didn't see any paperwork on the porch earlier, but, well, I swear yesterday's showed up while I was around the corner of the building fitting some recycling in the bin...
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Right after I made the last post, the doorbell rang.

Even running down the stairs, I just barely managed to catch him before he drove off, but I got the damn package.

It's the case for the new system.

Now if only the keyboard would get here. Their site keeps saying it's "scheduled to ship on Thursday". Too bad I ordered it on the 23rd. Must talk to these people...
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